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I'm was promotion my new group and someone say this to me "

And what is stopping people from doing that here?
Maybe it's because there just isn't enough interest in doing that publicly, Have fun with your dead group

.". I ask this person why he/she was being an ass. Sometime later, one of the admin call me out for the group advertisement reads more than a little confrontationally,that I deleted two of my comments, write a blog post about why some people like to be an ass, my grammar and how I act! It make so feel so bad that I have to rid orfthat group, that is a big mistake. So I make a new group. The purpose of that group is to help people and now it gone. I don't see the purpose of that group and the new one anymore. Not really sure what to do anymore.

5820563 I had to hide one of my groups because one or more users would not stop giving my threads negative votes. It wouldn't have been so bad, but I had a gut feeling someone was out to get me or drive me insane.

5820563 Remember what you're doing it for. You're doing it for those who need your services, not for those who just want to see the world burn. So, why would you adhere to the latter?

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 3
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