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I can't believe that I got played and cheated on. Again. Straight men are all alike; they only get into relationships with women for the sex, they think it's okay for them to cheat because all women are just sex toys to them, and they only love women when it's convenient for them. Men are worthless and I'm done having bad relationships with stupid little fuckboys. I'm done with men and I don't know how to cope. I thought the most recent one was THE ONE. Turned out it was just proven that I was right and that men are perverted cheating losers. :flutterrage::fluttershysad::raritydespair::raritycry:

5799611 Not all males are like that. My dad isn't. My boyfriend isn't. My best friend's boyfriend isn't.
I advise looking in personality rather than looks.
Looks can be deceiving.
And if you still can't find the one, maybe it's just not the right time.

5799612 I'm just done. I've had my heart broken for the last time and it can't break anymore.

5799614 You say that now, but is it going to be true three weeks from now? What about three months? Or a year?

I've been where you are, telling myself I probably will never find someone who truly loves me.

5799616 They all showed off a caring personality. I was blinded and believed every pretty lie.

5799619 Maybe so
But maybe they are caring, and didn't know how to tell you they didn't feel a spark anymore. Or were trying not to hurt your feelings.

5799623 No, my most recent one is a player and cares about nobody but himself.

5799611 Not all guys are like that.

5799629 It sure as hell seems like it. I'm just done with men because everytime I get with one it's always the same: he pretends he loves me, strings me along, refuses to contact me, and then I have to find out that he's been playing me.

5799630 You haven't find the right guy yet...:fluttershysad:

5799632 Fuck it, I'm just done with guys. Switching to girls, sex toys, and drugs/alcohol.

5799636 Because this asshole used me. I might be pregnant with his child and he strung me along. I've never felt so used. At least he didn't threaten me like the last one.

5799639 What he is did is mess up. .

5799640 Exactly! That's why I'm so pissed off! I can't believe I actually fell in love with that... that HICK!

5799649 It's my fault anyway. I'm the poor sucker who fucked him, he's the filthy hillbilly who fucked me over.

5799665 He was a dip-spitting, Dixie-waving, truck-driving, good-ol-boy hillbilly.

5799674 Yeah, THAT type of hillbilly.

5799675 So backwoods hillbilly then?

5799679 Backwoods, yeah. I have a serious problem with prejudice, I'm sorry.

5799681 Joke's on him, though, I slept with his best friend!

5799704 So I could even out the playing ground.

5799719 When I get even, I. Get. Even. I hope his dipping habit rots his mouth from the inside out and he ends up catching something from a crackwhore.

5799729 If you're from Ohio, can you buy me a stiff drink?

I may sound like an opposing rival here but here me out. I won't ponder on with my gender because that'll make more tension. World's guys this day and age are just some sissified pansies, and that is why we have homosexuals walking on the streets. I am not saying I hate lesbians, but I don't mess with it because I really find no difference between man and man. There is a darn good reason why this is happening to you, and that is because of trials. And if you've dealt with this more than once, then I understand you. It's difficult. But women can be as much of a manipulator as guys can as to: take for instance girl whores. They use guys mostly for money, which is the same price man will pay to have the sexual pleasure. You should have that same set of confidence you are having, and do not let anyone use you because you think you don't deserve any better. Please PM me to talk further.


I can understand why you feel like that. Of course, not every man is like that; but I definitely understand why you think so. And I saw one of your other comments, and can say that what he did to you is awful. It's understandable why you want to date a woman, and I say, go for it. Women can't get you pregnant, so there's not as much of a risk in trying, even if they are a whore. There can be some really awful women in the world too, but that's because they're people - all humans are selfish in some way, just some more prominent than others.

So, if you don't want to date guys anymore, don't. Maybe sign up for a dating site for women when you're ready. I know you'll find the one for you soon. Stay strong! :twilightsmile:

5800630 Already on Fem. And... thanks.
5800585 I don't use them. I'm always having delusions that somebody loves me.

5799611 You could switch to toys until you cool off. After that, you could try out dating for fun instead of treating it like a quest to find the one and only. You won't ever find a perfect person, you can, however, find good in each human. Focus on the positive, and you'll have a blast, even if things aren't perfect.

I know I might sound like a dick, but oh well. Not all guys are like that. But I get where you're coming from. You just had somebody use you, and you're pissed off. I get that. It's happened to me as well. Slightly different circumstances, but oh well. From when I've been talking with my friends who have had bad relationships and the like, they always say that every guy is basically the same, they all do x, they all want y. But they eventually stopped saying that, and even dated. I have one friend who said that she was never gonna date a guy again, because she was tired of their shit. A month later, she was dating someone. I'm not saying that you'll turn out like that. You might continue on to never date again, and if so, more power to you. And if that guy is the father of a kid, get him to pay child support. He shouldn't have done what he did if he planned on leaving you or using you. I usually don't endorse forcing people to pay child support, but sometimes they have to. I guess the point I'm trying to get across in this paragraph of rambling is this: You'll pull through, and you'll be better for it. Think of it this way, spite him by living your life to the best of your ability, without him in it whatsoever. Show him that you don't need him to do something, to have fun, to live. That's one way to spite assholes, show them that without a reaction, all they amount to are people who get their kicks from trying to hurt others.

5800819 Girls, sex toys, screwdrivers (the drink, not the tool), and chocolate are my new vices.

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