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Out of Date is for older stories, bronies that been around for a while, and just a lot of things you don't see people either talk about, write about or things like that. Pretty much it's for things that are dead, or pretty much dead. This pretty much applies to anything, groups, stories, users, theories, subjects, etc....... the list would go on for quite a while.

For groups you just send a link to me or a admin and we add it to the group list. (place holder)
For stories just add it to the right folder(place holder)
For theories most likely we put them in a gdoc or something(placeholder)
As for subjects not sure(place holder)
For users send a link to their user page and we add them to the list(place holder)

As for how it is allowed to be considered out of date it must be at least a year old, and can't have much activity. For users banned users do count, as long as they been banned for at least half a year which is about 26 weeks. Theories is a little different, the theory has to be old and not talked about, but still hasn't either been proven right or wrong by the show. Subjects is kinda like a story when it comes to how it applies, it can't be talked about much.

Subject is a little harder it kinda like aspects of the show.

I might take away subject because that's a little to broad

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