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I'm leaning towards "draconequness" but if there are any better suggestions I'm all ears.

Or eyes, because you guys are typing.

Why not just use "draconequus" for both males and females?

I really don't see the need to make it any harder to pronounce or spell out. :applejackunsure:


Because why not? There are mares and stallions and drakes and dragonesses.

I'm not necessarily looking to complicate the spelling, just some interesting ideas.

Whether or not they have terms, I think he's still right. Overcomplicating it seems pointless.
Think about it like this,

Discord, Spirit of Disharmony, ruled Equestria. The Lord of Chaos was a draconequus hell bent on the end of days.

Eris, Spirit of Disharmony, ruled Equestria. The Lady of Chaos was a draconequus hell bent on the end of days.

Simply use terms to inform the reader of sex, even if the name hints at it pretty clearly.


I suppose you're right. I was just wondering if anyone had any interesting headcanons is all.

5079406 a male is known as a "nuisance" and a female is an "annoyance". a baby is a "squeak", and a group is known as a "Catastrophe"


XD That is now my new headcanon

5079406 I agree with gamexpert. However, if I had to, I would say "Draconeqees" qees being prounced "kes" for females and "Draconequus" quus being pronounced "kus" for males.

5079849 Or just listen to this world building genius over here. :)

5080609 oh, c'mon, i'm hardly a genius...:twilightsheepish:

5080623 Haha, you're not a genius with the stuff you put out? I haven't anything like it anywhere else! :D

damn, i want to use that now! XD
the other thing I was told was maybe Joke like
Discord frowned at the joke, before poking it right in the snout. "Oh do be quiet and let the adults talk."

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