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Bluegrass Brooke
Group Admin

Every group has to have a welcome thread! Well, most-every group. Here's ours!

I'll make this one super easy.

What brought you to us?
What would you like to get out of the group?

I'll start!

Name's Bluegrass. Or Brooke. Or "that one donkey." Whatever floats your boat!

I'm very much an author. I do little reading as I have high standards and a low attention span. Though I am quite guilty of lurking! Abominably so.

I made this group because I love draconequus as a species. I love the potential they represent and as an author with a very detailed draconequus headcanon, I'm curious to hear others' take on the draconequus.

I'd love to see some rich discussions and to get members excited to play around with their own headcanons. Someday I'd like to host contests where we work together to make stories featuring draconequus.


Name: Nightmare Woona
Author/reader/lurker/other: All of the above
What brought you to us?: your blog post XD
What would you like to get out of the group?: A collaboration story about draconequui.( Ya, that is thr proper term)

4958839 Hi I'm Summer Dancer (Though I've been called Crouching Piglet before),

I'm an author that loves to write comedy but I like to read everything if it sounds good to me, so I'm part lurker as well. :twilightsmile:

Discord's an interesting character--we know his personality, his current relationships and his motives--For the most part--yet he's so mysterious. I have to wonder, if he does have family, where they live and how they act. I would also like to see different designs and color schemes like we have with the Griffons.

In this group, I'm eager to see everyone's theories and discussions. Those are always fun. :pinkiehappy:

Bluegrass Brooke
Group Admin


He, he. Glad my post brought you!

draconequui.( Ya, that is thr proper term)

I personally see draconequus is a collective noun, therefore, you don't need to change the word for a plural. Then again, the show never said. We could both be wrong! Lol.


Sorry about my spelling, I'm on my iPad. :twilightsheepish:

Bluegrass Brooke
Group Admin

4958856 No worries. I know that feel! Lands, I can't tell you the number of times I've messed up because of those blasted touch screens.

Name: Alex Prior
What brought you to us? The blog post for one. A love of those fantastic mixmatch species for another.
What would you like to get out of the group?
Somebody who I can actually discuss things with without being shot down as "no, that's wrong".

Hi. I'm Sagebrony07 or Sage for short.
I joined this group because I loved TCARW and all other stories in that story universe. I hope by joining this group I may be more informed and converse with people who also like this story.

Bluegrass brought this to my attention.

I go by Icarus, I write stuff, but mostly read and comment.

I find draconequus/i to be interesting in that they are so different from much of the world around them in MLP. Whether there is only one ever or there is a whole hidden/dead civilization They provide interesting contrast and play off the rest of the Equestria in interesting ways.

I'm Melly or Navv'h. I draw, write (there be no proof of this), and read.
I like Drakonakai (don't bother correcting me. It's my headcanon that has a long explanation. Deal with it, lol.)
I hope to be able to hear others' headcanons and improve upon my own. Drakonakai are beautiful creatures with so much possibility. And I just love them.

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