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Well guys, not too much to say. If you have doubts, consults, ideas, or just simply want to talk about something, this is where to go.

"I Like Big Bots, And I Can Not Lie!"

5005241 My anime mecha don't want none unless you got buster guns hun!

Have you seen any of Foxi-5's works over on DeviantArt? He has some awesome ideas for an original combination of ponies and giant robots.

If the CMC get to pilot a mecha, I think this trio of Gunpla's would be awesome (scaled up of course)

Sora Tryon -> Scootaloo
Umi Tryon -> Sweetie Belle
Riku Tryon -> Applebloom

Just I suggestion as I noticed that neither the Mechas or Ponies they weren't on the Mechas-Pilots list, unless their one of the [Top Secret] of course.

Also Vinyl and Octy for Gypsy Danger maybe?

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Yeah, they're on the "even more secret" list, alongside Chrysalis and Sombra. Sorry for the inconveniences. :twilightsheepish:

Now, Vinyl and Octavia on the Gypsy Danger is a good idea, since they look like a drift compatible couple. However, beyond how cool an idea sounds, it's only as good as the execution, so if you are planing around that, give it more thinking. I'll be glad to help and you're free to ask for a third opinion on the forum.

Good luck.

Darn, would have been so awesome to see ponies reaction to the CMC piloting Tryon 3 not to mention them shouting out it's attacks.
Is Liger Zero by chance on that even more secret list or are you guys gonna keep a lid on that, I understand if you guys want keep it hidden it's just that Liger Zero is one of my favorite Zoids.

I will flesh out my idea for Vinyl and Octy idea and post that at some point. Sooner than later hopefully.

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Nah, Liger Zero is clean. To be honest, I only followed Chaotic Century, so it's better if someone with more knowledge handles Zero. In other words, go for it, liger (Stan Lee wants to sue me for that line).

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