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Welcome one and all to The Mechaverse. A universe that has ponies piloting, you guessed it, giant robots and beating the living crap out of one another. Now if you're reading this you've already seen the description and have a rough idea about what the group is about. Well I'm here to help remind you should you forget.

1. The group will not tolerate bullying or demeaning of any kind. Even a hint of it and the bully will be banned from the group for a good two to three weeks.

2. The group is about Mechas and Ponies and ONLY Mechas and Ponies. Keep it to that as much as possible. No debates of any kind unless they're about what robot can beat what robot..... and even then try and keep that civil. Though if we're being frank it's clear that the Getter Robos are the superior robots.

3. Now. This one I can't stress enough..... HAVE FUN HERE. I've seen groups like this become something that was never like what it started out as due to the fact that it devolved to petty insults and people clearly not enjoying themselves. Please try and have fun and respect each other as much as possible.

Well I think the three major rules have been said. Think my job is done here. I'll see all of you on the flip side.


*Flies off into the sunset on batwings*

Hello. I had to join a group with a leader twisted enough to give Princess Cadence the Nobel Gundam (if I'm not mistaken, that's the Gundam in a serafuku).

Do the ordinary grunts in the Royal Army get Landmates (the armored exoskeletons/minimechs from Masamune Shirow's Appleseed manga?

So, does this make Queen Chrysalis the leader of Big Fire or the pilot of the Hell Gundam?

Just to be really twisted and evil, maybe make the CMC Evangelion pilots operating out of either the old Castle of the Two Sisters, or Princess Twilight's Castle of Friendship (and have the GoLion V operate out of the other castle).

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Yeah, that's me. To be honest, the moment I remembered there was a Sailor Gundam, I said "yeah, this is too rich to miss". Also, I think that the common theme among ponies related brings more familiarity. There's also a generational progression, as Cadance and Shinning, as a generation older than Twilight and Trixie, pilot the Gundams of the previous series.

On the Royal Guards, I wanted something like mecha mocks, but good. I think the Landmates would work better with non-Guard law forces, like a police corps.

Okay, allow me to thank you a lot for making a Giant Robo reference. That anime is flippin' EPIC! and terribly underrated.

Now, I don't want to spoil anything, but the Shadowbolt society is heavily influenced by Big Fire, as well other "secret organization" villains. The Evas, even though I don't like to consider them as mechas per se, also have a role here, the same goes with Chrysalis, but I don't want to throw spoilers too soon.

Princess Celestia at the controls of the Knight of Gold from Five Star Stories.

Also, the transformation sequence for Queen Chrysalis just screams "Big Fire".

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Yeah, I think we all agree that Celestia must pilot a royal looking mech. So far, the suggestions pools includes Mazinkaiser an the Solar Streak Megazord. Following that line, GaoGaigar kinda fits too.

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