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I need help as two of my friends in reality are massive assholes and don't care that my sanity has plunged into the depths of hell. How do I tell them that this is my hell, and I want to be alone. (Alone time makes me happy.)

4930163 I have 3 ideas:
Tell them to fuck off
Tell then you're moving and lock yourself in your house and never come out and end up dying (not recommended, last thing to resort to)
Tell them everything, if they keep annoying you, slap them and tell them you're no longer friends. (Safe option)

4930168 I don't think these will work. I can't slap anyone at my school. Also I find it hard to try and avoid them. I told one of them to leave me alone but now we're on winter break. Maybe I could pretend to forget them.

4930172 Yeah, if they go up to you when you're back then ask then who they are, if they explain, tell them you remember a bit and you're not friends anymore.

4930163 It's quite easy, actually. You can just drift away from them.

When they invite you to something, you decline. Soon, they'll stop inviting you.

Make them think you have a hobby or something. Like playing video games, for instance. Even if you meet them in RL, you can just pull out your cellphone and start playing.

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4930168 Please don't ask people to slap their friends or tell them to just "fuck off", okay? It doesn't really help... Take this seriously. :twilightsheepish:
4930163 I say you should just stop talking to them. Bad Dragon's idea is a really good way to go about it.

4930248 I do it *shrugs*
Works for me

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4930269 Just don't ask people to do it anymore... okay? :twilightsheepish:

4930273 I can't take things seriously
No promises

Thanks...I uh..don't have a phone but I have a sketchbook. I'll pretend to be invested in an art piece. I'm glad I got some advice. I'll be sure to revisit this group in any case. It's gonna be hard...but...who said life was easy?:ajsleepy:

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4930526 We're here for you.

4930567 thanks....not everybody has my back...:pinkiesad2:

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