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Witching Hour
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So... Since we at the Troll Squad have been getting a lot of requests for this sort of thing - here's a recommended reading order!!!

Crystal Wings - by Witching Hour
Immediately follows events of Head in the Clouds.

Steady as She Flies - by Witching Hour
Starts about two weeks before the start of Flying Sky High, and goes through the major events there - epilogue takes place 3 months after, approximately a week into The Weight of Responsibility's events.

Storytime - by Sylvian

Daring Do and the Leaf in the Wind - by Sylvian
Chapter 6 converges with chapter 10 of Steady as She Flies. Spans approximately from the start of Flying Sky High to one month beyond.

Why the Streak Siblings can't have Nice Things - by Witching Hour
Follows the events of Flying Sky High pretty closely, within a month I'd guess. Spans approximately one week, give or take a couple days.

Chase the Wind - by Witching Hour
Starts one week after The Weight of Responsibility, and ends around the same time.

The Troll Squad - hosted by Witching Hour, written by Sylvian, Witching Hour, Zoljen and Jim Hoxworth
Takes place after Why the Streak Siblings can't have Nice Things, and before Chase the Wind... Beyond that, it's anyone's guess.

Touch the Sky - by Witching Hour
Starts and ends within the events of The Weight of Responsibility.

The Fall of Roan - by Sylvian
Set in the Crystal Empire, approximately fifteen years before Sombra's rise to power and subsequent defeat.

Shadowbolts: A Memoir - by Jim Hoxworth
Told from a post-PTH perspective, but most events start taking place starting sixteen years before the "Shadowbolt/Wonderbolt War" and work towards current time.

After this... You can read these in any particular order...

A Different Breed of Changeling - by Zoljen
Starting around the most recent Griffin-Drake War (~25 years prior to PTH), but jumping to PTH events after chapter 6.

Tales From the Ruby Hive - by Zoljen
Also starting around the most recent Griffin-Drake war (~25 years prior to PTH), and showing small snippets of others from the Ruby Hive - where Ember and Talon came from.

Nighttime Prayers - by Witching Hour
A prequel to Crystal Wings, this short story takes place around 19 years before Princess Luna's return to Equestria.

Quiet Conversation - by Destiny-brave-fire
Starts after Chapter 10 of Flying Sky High, which takes place between chapters 8 and 9 of Steady as She Flies.

A Very Witchy Holiday - by Witching Hour
Takes place approximately 2 months before Piercing the Heavens by Calm Wind.

However you MUST read these last --

Memories of Midnight - by Sylvian
Starts around chapter Chapter 84 of Piercing the Heavens, going through chapter 92. Currently on hiatus until I can catch up... :twilightsheepish:

Canterlot in Flames - by Sylvian
Starts during Chapter 98 of Piercing the Heavens.

From the Ashes: Ember's Story - by Zoljen
Starting around the most recent Griffin-Drake War (~25 years prior to PTH) and taking the long road to get to current events... No Discordian Short Cuts here for the main character, Ember (a.k.a. Emerald Haze)

Group Admin

yayaya I did things

Group Admin

YAYAYAYAYA I did more things

Soaring Soarin
Group Contributor

5701793 Well I best get to it then.

I took inspiration from this, and made an improved one HERE.

Whoo! I am caught up.

Witching Hour
Group Admin

OMG this is amazing! :raritystarry:

:twilightsheepish: Thanks. It could still use some fine-tuning, though.

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