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I am sure you are all aware that refugees have been flocking European borders throughout the years, especially my country Greece.

While I am of the opinion that one cannot stop refugees that come in Europe, at the same time I do not believe we can't handle an indefinite amount of refugees. My country specifically has had so much trouble with refugees that an elaborate fence has been built on our northern borders to prevent more from coming in.

Our islands bordering Turkey have also received a lot of refugees who are packed like shrims into boats and thrown over our side. People argue whether sending those ships back is the right move or not, and whether we should accept them. People argue whether we should pack refugees in camps.

People argue.

Now let me get back to that opinion I stated earlier that while we can't deny refugees we can't handle them all. People use this as a stepping stone for something more. The road to hell is paved on good intentions afterall.

In Greece we have a certain political party that is called "Golden Dawn" that is pretty much comprised of ethnisists, that however has elements of extremism and at a time was litterally called a "Crimincal Organisation" that was inside the parliament itself with a considerable amount of influence on the people. It had and/or has neonazist and facist elements in it.

This influence was built on frustration. Frustration about the political state, frustration about the economical state, frustration about the refugees who are involuntarily responsible for affecting both. How bad was the situation? Let's just say that their representative punched the representative of the communist part "KKE", and they are responsible for the murder of an anti-facist rapper.

So now I'm stuck in the middle. The Syrian conflict increases the refugees that rush the borders by the hundreds and the police forces try in vain to stop them as they run around them. From the one hand we can regulate and/or bar refugees from coming, resulting in the support and flocking of people into extremist parties like "Golden Dawn" and the other is to accept them in an already unstable economical land that struggles with its' own problems.

I am not an expert, I don't have all the facts. That's why I need you guys to help me by stating your opinions, your facts, and provide me with the necessary information so I can know how I can help in this cause and the victims that result from it. How can we handle the situation of refugees due to this war? How should we handle refugees in general?


Do what Australia does. An influx of illegal immigrants (they pass through turkey, a safe country and therefore are no longer covered under the Refugee act when they then 'pick and choose' which country they want to go to.

Stop them, and detain them.

Some issues are:

1. They add a drain on welfare, as the countries they choose tend to have welfare systems.

2. Often they bring in other cultures that are just not compatible with secular countries, and this leads to tensions.

3. Already we know that ISIS is using the crisis to import fighters into Europe.

4. A lot of these refugees are young men, who should be fighting for their country instead of running away to ruin somebody elses.

4875127 About number 4... I'm not sure what you want to say.


Imagine if Greece was invaded by, say, Turkey for example. Instead of staying and fighting the invaders, what would happen if a huge swath of the males of military age ran off to Germany specifically. Not Hungry or any other nearby safe nation, but specifically Germany in particular.

It's a well-documented fact that ethnic ghettos are filling up in European countries with radically different cultural groups. There's even areas in England that police don't go to because the local population are openly hostile and enforce sharia law.

I may be sounding a little unreasonable, but in my country there is currently a massive amount of tension regarding Islamic illegals and the problems that are caused.

4875793 I have heard of this and its certainly an issue. Sigh...

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