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Our group well... it's really about anything, we love creativity and constructive criticism. On this group you can post, dark, comedy, adventure, slice of life, tragedy, gore, clopfics, alternate universe, sad, human, anthro, romance, and complete randomness. You can also post blogs about all those subjects or really anything that's on you mind. We want you to feel safe, and free to express yourself so any negative comments will be deleted by our moderators. I hope you feel safe to be creative in your own way, well except for NSFW please we do not want to be flagged. Anyway welcome to The Misadventures of MLP and we would love for you to join our group. Art credit goes to:[url][/url] for the Group art and for the banner
Message me the creator of the group at: or the co-creator at: if you have any questions or comments. Also my email is, the co-creator's email is To all my fellow Bronies and Pegasisters, Brohoof.

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