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This is a question I've had for a while now. How do channels that read fan fictions avoid copyright issues on YouTube? YouTube has a large stick up its butt when it comes to that sort of thing so I am just curious how a lot of channels get away with it.

The authors of fan fictions are technically using copyrighted characters from Hasbro. So I am just curious to how fan fictions are able to be read on YouTube. Or fan animations can be put up. Or even music videos. It's always been something that has confused me.

On a similar note, What if you have unpublished work that you want to read on YouTube? For example, an original poem, story, etc. Is there a way to protect your work from being stolen since it isn't officially published in print? Or would narrating the story in the video copyright it on its own? I'm just curious.

If you publish something on a website and then narrate it, would you be more willing to win a legal battle if someone stole your work? For example if you published work on or Wattpad could your copyright on those sites hold up in a legal battle?

These are all questions I have had for some time now. If someone could give me some answers regarding these issues I would very much appreciate it. :)

5816638 Youtube shuts down videos if someone points at them. Hasbro usually doesn't act on the art that isn't making any money. Technically, they could ban all fanfiction, but they don't do it because they want happy fans.

So, in theory, such Youtube videos aren't safe, but in practice, they're fine.

As for defending your work or even establishing your own trademark, you should watch this:

5816928 Thank you so much for those videos and the information about reading fan fictions. It helps me out a lot. :)

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