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Welcome to the FIMFIction Hall of Fame:the showcase of the legendary stories that this site ever had. Here you can find the best stories there is, the best they were and the best that ever will be. Please read the following rules:

Rule 1:the stories must have atleast 1,700 likes onwards or 10,000 views to be inducted and have 10 Fan Arts of 10 diferent Artists. Examples:

Rule 2:if your story doesn't have that much of likes and atleast 5,000 or 8,000 views it it will also be inducted BUT it must be featured in either TV Tropes or Equestria Daily

Rule 3:place your story only in the folder where its element focus more, ex:if your story focus more on crossover but have other tags such as Sad, Adventure etc. Add your story in the Crossover folder and only on it.

With that said welcome to the Hall of Fame of

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