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Hello there, snazzy new group about rainbow-fast-pony!

It looks like this group is just getting off the ground, so let's start things off forum-wise with the age-old tradition of introductions so we can all start to get to know each other.

Howdy everyone, my name's Timaeus. I'm currently an undergrad university student studying anthropology and history, and I've been bumming around this website and fandom for the last couple years now. In my off-time I love to read, and a lot of that reading is MLP fanfiction and a lot of that reading is slice of life and romance stories (though you'll never see my turn my nose up at a good adventure story) and when I can whip my lazy butt into gear I write the occasional story. Like my reading tastes, these are mostly romance and slice of life.

In terms of what else I do around fimfic besides reading, I am decently involved in admin-ing and helping out with a few groups. Namely, this includes the TwiDash group, the TwiDash Army (long story), the AppleDash group, the Applejack group, the Free Twilight Sparkle! group, and the You Might Like This group. Coincidentally, my involvement in these groups pretty much boils down to reading, adding, and sorting stories with the occasional mediation role whenever there's a kerfuffle (kerfuffle's a grand word, ain't it?).

I also love to chat with people, so if you ever want to shoot the shit and talk about a particular rainbow-maned pegasus or anything at all, shoot me a line!


Well, hey-howdy-hey, there's a friendly face. How're you doing?

4535574 i am doing gooood. How's you?

John Snow
Group Admin

Thanks for showing up, everybrony, and thanks for opening this thread timaeus. I am Snowstream, german student of history and lazy bummer extraordinaire. My plentiful freetime is filled with intercrosse, gaming and lots of reading. I read everything i can get my hands on and since I discovered MLP and this site I have been devouring the tastiest treats this fandom has to offer. Rainbow Dash is best pony and TwiDash is best ship. Like timaeus I always love chatting with people and hearing whats on your mind. Feel free to ask me about anything. And welcome to my group.

Wait a tic. You're an admin of the Twidash group... and the Appledash group?! That can't be right, that's a betrayal of the highest order.

Unless... you're secretly undercover trying to merge the two groups into one giant Appledashlight group?

In that case, carry on!


Unless... you're secretly undercover trying to merge the two groups into one giant Appledashlight group?

Yes, soon everyone shall see the light I mean I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about I'm just an honest man doing honest work for two ships and am in no way betraying either of them shut up.


It was my pleasure, and it's nice to meet you, Snowstream :twilightsmile:

Right. Of course, silly me. Continue your good work then sir. You may not be the hero Fimfiction deserves, but you're the hero it needs right now.



You're my new favourite person.

Pffft, insinuating that I wasn't already your favorite person :derpytongue2:


Hmm, you have a point...

Alright, introduction it is! :yay:

My name is Majinie, I'm a student in my eleventh year and was converted to watching and reading MLP and FimFiction by Snowstream about one or two months ago, so I'm pretty new to all of it ^^ But I'm already having lots of fun and plan on sticking around. :twilightsmile: Current favourite pairing is TwiDash, but as I said, I'm pretty new to all of it and still experimenting :D
I'm not writing much yet, but might start soon... Currently I'm beta'ing Snowstream's story and completely content with that. :scootangel:
That's it about me, nice to meet y'all!


PS: Are there just bronies around here or do I have a chance to find another pegasister? :p



Wait, we're doing introductions? Welp, ok.

Nickname's Ink, I'm 11 (currently) years old. I got ito the fandom in about March 2016 and my favourite character is Rainbow Dash. I'm mostly fond of Twidash and love the idea of opposites attract. If you dare to read my stories, expect bad build up, planning, logic, bad selection of words and other stuff like that. I'm also an artist and hold a passion for music too. My friends tell me that I'm someone who listens to their problems, gives a shoulder to lean on and lends a helping hand (or hoof) to anyone who needs it. I'm mostly shy around my friends and strangers and can get a little confident when complimented.

This happened recently, ever since my best friend shut me out and hung out with someone else, I started to be cautious. And that made me less open. So that was when I became more careful when chooseing a best friend. Cause I want to avoid being hurt again.

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