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Alright, so I've gotten into this discussion on Youtube, and I have to wonder if it's me, or if these particular people are just crazy.

So, in the flashbacks about Moondancer's party, it was revealed that that night was also the night Twilight went to Ponyville to stop Nightmare Moon, based on the book in her bag and what happened in the pilot episode. So, when Twilight found Moondancer again, why did she not just say "Hey, sorry I missed your party, but I was kinda out saving the world. Thankfully, nothing is in in danger right now, why don't we throw you another party?"

Would that not have amended all the fences right there? I believe that if Moondancer knew that, she would have had no right whatsoever to be mad at Twilight anymore, unless she seriously believes that her bond with Twilight is more important than the wellbeing of their nation. Life isn't all about Moondancer, nor is it fair, but Twilight shouldn't have felt too bad about missing that party. If she explained the situation completely and offered to throw another party, then this situation shouldn't have gone on beyond that. Right?

They tell me that by not saying all that, Twilight is avoiding making an excuse. Their definition of an excuse greatly differs from mine. That's a legitimate reason to not attend a party. They say her choice to save the world caused a problem, but I say that "problem" be snuffed out with a simple explanation and a bit of common sense thinking on Moondancer's part to realize that she's not the most important thing in the world.

Let me know what you guys think, is it me that's crazy and absurd, or the people who somehow make out Twilight to be a bad guy?

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I'm kinda content with what the episode has given us, that Twilight should have at least magically poofed a letter to Moondancer informing her about what had happened... though, Twilight did not really consider Moondancer a friend at the very beginning, so we could excuse her for being so caught up with her new friendships and her new colorful crowd of all different types of ponies (a hyperactive partythrower and partygoer, an applebucking country-style perfectionist, an elegant fashionista with a sort of elitist attitude, a shy and timid animal tamer, and a pegasus who was probably raised by Chuck Norris), that she simply couldn't think about her old life anymore from all the excitement. On top of everything she was going through, we could also argue an early in the series Twilight was far too embarrassed to return to Moondancer, if she even remembered her name as this point, and procrastinated on apologizing before forgetting to altogether.

4546248 Oh, I rather enjoyed the episode myself, I just found it odd that Twilight wouldn't say something like that to explain why she missed the party. I feel like saving the world is a pretty good excuse for not making a party, but I guess not everybody feels that way. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it :twilightsmile:


So, when Twilight found Moondancer again, why did she not just say "Hey, sorry I missed your party, but I was kinda out saving the world. Thankfully, nothing is in in danger right now,

I like to think she said this during the party, or during the promised next "real soon" visit.

One of the best aspects of Amending Fences (at least for me) was how neither party was completely in the right. It was a really bad idea for Moondancer to put all of her emotional eggs in one basket the way she did, and to implode afterwards. While she's highly sympathetic when holding her present-day grudge, she still comes off as more than a little petty in the process.

Meanwhile, Twilight was certainly foolish not to value the concept of friendship in the past, and a very good argument can be made that up until Moondancer's outburst--where she really got to see the damage that she'd caused, up close--her mission of mercy was self-serving. That she was apologizing to her old neglected friends to make herself feel better and feel worthy of the title of Princess of Friendship.

But we all learn as we grow. Neither party was right or wrong, but I believe upon reunion those two friends were nearly strangers--one by accident, one willingly--and those fences needed (a)mending first before either would sit down and listen to the other about extenuating circumstances. Fortunately, they were. :heart:

4547320 I suppose that's very true, and I agree that Twilight should feel at least a little bad about the whole ordeal, but as far as things go for the original party, I find it hard to put any blame on Twilight at all. It's not like she wanted to leave, she was ordered away by the Princess, and then she got caught up with her new assignment on studying friendship after Nightmare Moon was defeated. Her "mission of mercy" may indeed have been self-serving in many ways, but I can't see how anyone could blame her for missing that first party.

Ah well, just me nitpicking I suppose. And on the whole, I enjoyed this episode a lot, and I think this season has been a good improvement over season 4. Hopefully the episodes will continue to be as good and thought provoking.


If we're to believe Moondancer and Minuette, they were all officially friends back at the Gifted School--Twi and Moon were the introverts.

It's not just about the party, either--the party is only the tip of the iceberg. Concentrating on just the party was the mistake that Present Day Twilight made.

Even with a valid excuse for missing the party, Twilight also had all the time in the world after NMM had been dealt with to at least touch base with those four. Instead she managed to forget everyone's names as if they never even mattered, yet according to Present Day Twilight, they clearly did. There's drifting apart and then there's cutting off. Twilight did the latter by way of neglect. Because back then, she kind of couldn't help it. She didn't know how to be a good friend yet. But that doesn't change facts.

While what Twilight did wasn't the worst thing in the world, it was highly discourteous. She wasn't blameless, she just wasn't a monster either. Minuette, Twinkleshine and Lemon Hearts took it in stride even though it "stung." Moondancer clearly had different stakes attached to Twilight's friendship (they were two peas in a pod and shared a special table, for crying out loud) and losing that close association, with zero follow-up over months/years, clearly broke her. Again, unfair to put it all on Twilight--Moon could have investigated! Tracked her down! But that's a very extroverted thing to do.

Layers within webs, and stuff. The lesson here is that us nerds are dumb. :pinkiehappy:

4546163 I believe that her outburst was caused by her own grudge. She wouldn't see Twilight again for a long time. She also had no clue that the incident was to happen that very evening. Thus, she has not been informed. She'd probably call it an excuse. So sorry. But she wouldn't be too knowledgeable about recent events, because she became isolated and likely didn't gossip or keep up with the news. So those are my thoughts.


why did she not just say "Hey, sorry I missed your party, but I was kinda out saving the world. Thankfully, nothing is in in danger right now, why don't we throw you another party?"

Twilight was sent there to help with the Summer Solstice Celebration. Not to save the world. She only had to save the world when the mare in the moon became what we saw, NMM. So, she had no clue she'd get attached to the society at the time. Maybe she was just leaving for a while, but accidentally became rather attached to this town as part of the Elements Of Harmony. Sadly we see Moondancer being left no notice or warning that this had gone down. She likely moped thrpugh her own party. Then went home to cry about it. Later deciding that her life should be dedicated to her studies rather than her friends?

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