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Sheltie Paws
Group Admin

Rules! Every group needs 'em. Let's get on with this.

1. Be respectful.
We all understand this one. Don't abuse other users, or mock them in any way.
2. No Swearing.
No inappropriate language towards anyone or thing.
3. No NSFW content.
No need explaining here.
4. No spamming.
Don't post useless threads. Don't post the same one over and over again, and don't post a thread pretty much the same as another.
5. Post stories in correct folders.
No need explaining this one either. If you don't know which folders rto put your story in, ask an admin.

Here's the warning ban system: receive a complaint, and you get a warning. Reveice another complaint and you get a second warning. Once you reach third warning, you a week or longer ban. Get more warnings after that, and an even longer or permanent ban. This system may vary depending on what you've done.

Thank you for reading the rules! If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

What does an admin do, exactly?

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