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I've seen a few questions pop up now and then, so I thought I'd take some time to answer them.

Q: What is your writing process?
A: Well, my writing process goes like this. And while I explain, let's use Guardian Halo as an example. I start with a core idea: what would Lyric have seen when she almost died in the Heroes of Equestria campaign? I always had an idea that she would have met an alicorn from the moment the story ideas was born. But then, I wanted to know where that alicorn was from, who she was.

Once I had a name for Halo and what she looked like, the story started to form in my head. I had the beginning (her and Starswirl travelling to find an end to the chaos), and the ending (Halo's ascension as an alicorn). Then, I simply needed to put the pieces together. I plotted the main story points, such as Lyric entering the village, and Starswirl and Halo finding the battle. Then I created the secondary characters I needed, came up with why and how Lyric would come to tell her tale, and set off on the writing adventure. As I worked, I filled in the parts between the plot points as I went. It's more fun that way for me because I never know what I'll discover.

There are sometimes some variations on this, whereas I'll have the story ideas before the characters in my head, or characters before the story idea. I also have to have the core idea in my head before I start writing, because I like knowing the goal I'm heading for. When I do sit down to write, I find that I need both determination and motivation, and be of sound mind or else I will not be happy with the final product.

Once I have written the whole story out, I go back and re-read to catch any grammatical errors, add, delete and/or rearrange pieces as needed, then rinse and repeat as needed. When I can read the story all the way through without needing to do any of these things, I'm ready to post.

Q: Can we be friends?
A: Yes, absolutely! I love to make friends!

Q: Would you mind giving some advice or taking a look at my story?
A: No, not at all. Again, I love to do this sort of thing and to help fellow authors be the best they can be. Plus, I love seeing the process of writing, how a story starts to how it becomes the final product. And while I give suggestions, the final choice is always up to the author. Just let me know when you need these things done by.

Q: If Lyric were an Element bearer, what would she be?
A: Okay, so this one has only been asked once, but it's a fascinating question. At the time, I said Kindness if the Element had to be canon, Music if not. But I'd also like to add Loyalty to the list. Lyric is a very kind pony at heart, and she cares deeply for her friends. She tries to be a peacekeeper should those she care about get into a scrape. She is also very loyal to them, and will likely remain a friend for life with those she truly connects with.

But as for Music... I am not trying to create a "seventh Element", but it was fun to think about this. After all, she is a bard. Music is a large part of her life, a part of her soul. But on top of that, she knows music has power. It can bring out the most pure, the most true emotions in us all, be they love or anger or sadness or joy. It can also unite people, bring together those who might never connect otherwise. Of course, knowing all of this, she would only use her element to bring about peace and harmony.

Do you have a question you'd like to ask me? If so, fire away!

4685804 Hmm, I recognize one of those questions as being from li'l ole me quite some time ago. :raritywink:

The Wandering Bard
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Indeed it was! It was too good not to post here. :raritywink:

~ you touched base on the subject of a seventh element , I'm curious as to how many more elements there are ?
I think it's safe to say we can identify Music as one. ...Maybe

Isn't, or couldn't music be a part of all 5 elements. Maybe better said, music can reflect all 5 elements. Music can touch and heal wounds thought to be long gone, yet it can touch and help remove a 'splinter.' It can uplift, celebrate, sooth, cement friendships and so much more. (Can you tell I love music like Bard too?)

The Wandering Bard
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Well, people have created "seventh element" fics before, though I hadn't known about them at the time I answered the question. I have no real desire to write one either. I just thought it was a fun and interesting idea. :twilightsmile:

The Wandering Bard
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This is a very good point, and I hadn't thought of this! And when you think about it that way, all of the Elements could feed into and be a part of the others. What a great idea! (And yes, music is awesome!)

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