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Greetings, citizens, and welcome to the star-faring community of Star Citizen! This group is dedicated to those who play the game, know what it's about, and are hyped for the full release!

I hope to make this a good place to talk about the game, it's content, what you want or expect, your ship(s), make and post your stories related to it, and overall have a good time!

To those joining recently, please heed that this is still a developing group and is subject to change internally, and I hope everyone who joins and wishes to help will take part in the development of this group to make it a constantly better place.

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I'd like to direct your attention to a story being written by Yuri Petrovitch, called 'Citizen of the Stars'. It's an amazing story, set in the Star Citizen universe.

My body is ready! :rainbowdetermined2:

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