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A group dedicated to the brave but sadly forgotten nation of Rhodesia (now present day Zimbabwe). Rhodesia was once a prosperous and multicultural nation in the Southern area of Africa. In 1965, it declared itself independent from the United Kingdom, however, the UK never truly recognized them. Shortly afterwards, a communist terrorist organization known as ZANU launched a civil war on the Rhodesian government led by Ian Smith. The Rhodesians fought against the ZANU very bravely and with great success despite being betrayed by the UK and the rest of the world criticizing them. But unfortunately for all their bravery, the Rhodesian army couldn't keep up with the ZANU (who were getting a constant supply of arms from Cuba and the Soviet Union). The Smith government was forced to step down and ZANU leader Robert Mugabe took power and renamed Rhodesia "Zimbabwe" (and then turned the country into a piss poor shit hole).

Whether you are Rhodesian or not, this group is here to make sure we never forget the brave people of Rhodesia. Despite Mugabe's tyranny, there is hope to bring back the Rhodesian ways.

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