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The title say it all, do you think this changeling would show up in the later future?

I really hope so. Gryphons got their (albeit short) airtime, why wouldn't bugpones get it too?

I hope so. Everybody loves raymond changelings.

4466923 Me too! Maybe we'll get something out of this, rather than the nothing we got out of the comics! Maybe some peace! YAY!

4466852 I sure hope so, if they could do an episode like 'Over A Barrel' or 'Tanks for the Memories', why not one over inter-species communication

*a.k.a racism* *sorta*

4467490 I know for a fact that I will be writing more with changelings. If 'For Cranky' did so well, I guess at least a few people will want a prequel to my story. :twilightsmile:

4467647 If I can I am willing to help/discuss this. I've been focusing on changelings ever since I joined the fandom. In any case just pm me here or add my on skype dionysiosbbbb

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4467667 Wonderful! Just lemme settle some things and I'll meet you there soon!

4467664 Cool! Once I start work on the prequel you will definitely be on my 'to message' list.

4466852 Well, I'd like him to show up again, but I don't think any changeling will appear before the MLP Movie 2017 (not Equestria Girls) due to the plot. The plot of the movie says that Queen Chrysalis and Lord Tirek will join forces than revive King Sombra, and together they easily defeat Celestia and Luna then banish the Mane 6 out of Equestria. So maybe we won't see changelings again. I hope that this plot is true and that I'm not making myself look stupid:twilightblush:

You having a changeling sitting there by himself and having the colt and filly avoiding him could be a for shadowing in future episode. Fact that he is a friend of Matilda.

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The plot sounds... Interesting.

4468629 Well, I had to write it short here. If you want to see the full plot summery, check IMDb. Here

>The plot is unknown.

4468772 the plot kinda bs only thing I think so untrue is because it to ealry to release the plots for the movie.

4468613 I hope it is a bright one.

Yes the changeling must return.

4468841 I don't know. I use IMDb on my phone, so when I click the 'Plot unknown' they show me the plot summery that may or may not be true. Try it if you want, but you're right, the plot may be true and may not, but I think it has a great chance of being true since in the show they reformed Discord and Gilda but they never showed us Chrysalis, King Sombra nor Tirek again, because probably they shouldn't be reformed nor should they do anything because they're the main antagonists of the movie. Who knows?!:applejackunsure: But the plot seemed very dark and exciting, we may witness something even darker than 'Twilight's Kingdom'.

4469214 Hopefully as an over excited Changeling invader wannabe :derpytongue2:

4466852 With Two episodes featuring Changelings in one of the two extremes, this season alone, while they had been biding their time since the previous wedding.
Question is, what are they going to be, what roles will they play in the future?
Just a Obituary? That would be sad, not just for us.

4467521 I think they do have a few of these, some better, some worse.
Does the Yak count, or which ever species were in the Appaloosa episodes?(natives)

4467647 I am all with you there, writing more stories(fics) with Changelings is a grand idea.
Personally, I need to complete a few such stories as well. Changelings are popular, why else are we here?

4467678 I guess it isn't all out there to write the Prequel after the Sequel?
Thinking of it, I have done that too. Kind of a Flash Back sense to it, I guess.

4467864 On mayor problem with the scenatio is that Tirek is no Team Player, he will go back on any promise at any time.

4482677 That is how Queen Chrysalis acted, back in the first encounter.
There is something to the scene where the lone Changeling sit in the back of the ceremony too, though.
Any fun with how the dream sequence went on this particular?

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