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I don't see the resemblance.

The Changeling who faked his death

4465716 No. We should name him Wheatley.


Chryssie's nymph, Nikkie.

4465736 We have the best of both worlds.

i'm okay with this


Chad Nikki Wheatleyavelli

Group Admin


What about Terry? Or is that name taken?

4465716 I decided just to give him a generic name. He is Bert from now on. There is nothing you can do to stop me. I have contacted Hasbro HQ and have requested that it be so.

4466384 Burp? why call him that, if he is in fact a male changeling in the first place? what if this was a mare?

4648799 World's stupidest in-joke on my part.

4648848 Then you should start the group

The most stupidest inJokes

Or use a similar name for the group, if some Pony else was first, or you already have the group?

Ps: what if they are not accepting the idea at the HQ?

4650311 Dude... I made a joke. Don't take any of what I said seriously.

4650581 Yeah, Do'h-ed, *giggles*
Even if I refuse to take you serious (from now on), why does that mean I can't throw more ides, silly, serious or what not?
I hope you aren't bothered by my constant swamping with new ideas.

4465716 I am calling him/her Sammy Rye. Why?
-1: Sammy is unisex.
-2: Rye bread is gud.
-3: I like puns and plays on words.
-4: Fuck yeah Japan.

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