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So.. what is the name of this Changeling? I've heard quite a few.

I call him Love Hunter.

4465047 What about Night Crawler? Or... Maybe Enigma. I dunno.

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Enigma sounds very fitting.

I be calling him Vivi

4465047 I named him Switch. (I might change my mind, though)

Are all of you blind? Isn't it obvious? That nymph is none other than...

Chrissy, Jr.

Duhn, duhn, duuuuuhhhhhhnnnnn!

4465047 Well, I'd call him Danny, and I'd call her Elly:twilightsmile:

4465047 Deepthroat Cockslut- Oh wait, that one's already taken? Well then.

Err... Dave?

How about S̙̞̞ͤ͛ͤͧ̀t͌͢e̖͍̗̗͑̓v̖̘e̷̜̻̺̪̜̫̳ͥ̓?

His name is otherwise completely normal, but you have to pronounce the eldrich undertones or else he gets upset.

How about Zim?

You know, as in 'Invader Zim'? :pinkiehappy:

Since we're talking about names...

Tim? Timmy?

4465047 Gena.

You know, the Gena. The part of an insect's face right below their compound eyes, their cheek basically.

Cheeky little bugger...

I have a name for him:

Chrysalis is derived from Greek. A little Latinized and Anglicized since then, but it still strongly sticks to the Greek roots.

So obviously, Changelings have ancient Greek nouns and adjectives for names, right?

What about "Philos" (spelled φίλος, pronounced "FEE-lohs")? It can mean "beloved" "friendly" "dear" "best friend" "loved one", "confidant" or perhaps the most precise translation, "dearly beloved". A lot of real names that parents actually give their kids have nice meanings to them, like how Ruth means something to the effect of "best friend". With this in mind, Philos' name would not be too unlikely, even for his people. Even if it's not his real name, however, it could be what Philos calls himself ever since he met Matilda and other Equestrians who changed his life.

You can also call him "Phil" for short!


Because his mother had no love for him.

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