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Sheltie Paws
Group Admin

Rules are boring but important, so let's get this over with.

1. Be respectful.
Don't abuse or mistreat another user about anything at all. No swearing or other innapropriate language. If you have a personal problem with someone, please don't discuss it with them here.
2. Don't spam.
We all understand this. People just don't tolerate spamming. Don't post the same thread over and over again, or post something pretty much the same as another thread here. No random threads saying hi, or just wasting time.
3. No NSFW content.
(read in a dark ominous voice) No stories, comments, threads, or anythings can have NSFW content or swearing. Either myself or an admin will be notified, and then you will receive warning and bans, etc...
4. Everything must be somewhat related to hippocampi.
All stories must be related to hippocampi. All threads must be related to hippocampi. You get the idea. When i say related to hippocampi, i dont just mean MLP. Hippocampi are mentioned in other fantasies. If you get into a comment conversation, that perfectly fine.
5. Stories must be ......uh?
All stories in general must be.....not gory. Let's just say that. A story focusing mainly on gore cannot be posted here. No unpleasant or disturbing stories either.
6. This is not really a rule, just a warning and ban system.
The first time you get a complaint, you will be given a warning. 3 warnings, and you will have a long boring talk. Still get complaints after that, and it may result in a ban. This process may vary depending on what you have done and how bad it is.

If you have any questions, please ask below.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 1
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