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Man, the weeks have been ticking by. So recently I did actually manage to push past a major blockage in my story efforts. I've been stuck on my least favorite chapter for a long time now, trying to figure out how to make it flow with the changes I'm making to it. Finally wrote some words to get past the worst part of it.

Real life has been kicking my ass the past couple months. In July, I got a dog. But about a month ago, she broke her leg, and you wouldn't believe how much it costs in both time and money to deal with that kind of injury. That is one of the main reasons I've been away, to deal with some adjustments to real life.

But I have not given up, of course! I'm still involved with the team, and others have been making progress. BDK finished the next page of the comic not long after Friday Update #18 and I was so busy with real life stuff that I thought I posted it but didn't. So here you go!

The next page is coming along nicely as well.

Anyway, yeah sorry for not being as available as before. Things will get better. Just sometimes real life sneaks up behind you and whacks you over the head with a lead pipe.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 2
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