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(For those of you that don't know I'm going to be write a story based on RWBY and it's going to be staring characters from MLP and other Hasbro products. The reason I'm putting this on here is I'm bored and just couldn't of something to do right now.)

My version of the Color Naming Rule is a bending of the one in RWBY characters are still going to be named after colors but some might not. But if I can think of a lame reason as to how the name is connected to a color. But if I can't think of one you guys can tell me.

My rules for naming characters in TAFR are as followed.

1. Use the name of the character from that porduct in he/she and find a color that will work with them.
2. Follow most of the rules from RWBY.
3. Must be a characters from the shows or an OC from a fan work based on the shows.
4. Make the name make sense with the character it's supposed to be based on.

As for the teams as long as the four letters can make a word or sound like a word of some sort it's okay.

Names in TAFR that will follow these rules as well as the reason why those colors & the ones with my lame reason why those names work for colors.

Twilight Sparkle - Twilight Lavender is a Crayola color. (Her eyes I guess)

Applejack Apple - Golden Delicious is a type of apple that is a shade of yellow. (Her mane)

Fluttershy Orchid - An orchid is a type of flower that is usually a shade of pink. (Her mane)

Rainbow Dash - A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. It takes the form of a multicoloured arc. (Her Mane)

Pinkie Pie - Pink is a color. (Her mane and name)

Rarity Opalescence - An opal is a multicolored gemstone. (Her pet cat and her Cutie Mark)

Sunset Shimmer - Sunset orange is a Crayola color. (Her skirt in the first two EG movies)

Spike Dragon - Dragons are mythical lizards that are usually seen in art as Green. (His spines)

Celestia Nightmare - Celestial Blue is a shade of blue/azure. (The blue part of her mane)

Luna Nightmare - Nightmare are usually seen as dark and scary which is usually seen as the color black. (Nightmare Moon)

Granny Smith Apple - Granny Smith is a type of apple that are a shade of green.

Discord Statue - Statues are made from different thing like metal, stone and clay. They also come more then one color. (When he was a statue)

Garble Fireheart - Fire is usually seen as warm and deadly as well as different colors like oranges, yellows, and reds. Hearts are seen as usually being the color red. (His scales and spine)

Apple Bloom Apple - When apples blossom they have a pinkish color. (Her bow)

Bads Seed Apple - Apple seeds are a redish brown. (Her mane I guess)

Sweetie Belle - Kulkunen is Finnish for jingle bell which is made from copper. Copper that is exposed to the elements undergoes a series of chemical reactions that give the shiny metal a pale green. (Her eyes)

Scootaloo Silkie - A silkie chicken has black skin underneath it's soft feathers. (Her cloths in all 3 EG movies as well as the chicken joke)

Derpy Hooves - Horse hooves on some horses are a yellowish gold. (Her eyes and mane)

Doc Whooves - His name Doc means dock as in a boat dock which most docks are made from a dark brown wood. (His mane and name)

Lyra Heartstrings - A lyre is a musical instrument and the Lyres of Ur were golden. (Her eyes)

Sweetie Drops - Her name Drops is take from water/raindrops which are usually seen as blue. (Her eyes)

Diamond Tiara - Diamonds are a stone used for jewelry and is usually seen as a light shade of blue. (Her eyes)

Silver Spoon - Silver is a type a of metal. (Her Mane)

Snips Snap - The most used handle color for the tool snips is red. (His demon eyes)

Snails Quirm - A quirm is a mixed drink, containing Absolute Vodka, Minute Maid orange juice and Mountain Dew. Legend states that there is also a hint of fart in every bottle. The Mountain Dew is seen as green. (His hair)

Fluffle Puff - A powder puff used by a woman is usually pink. (Her mane/coat? :rainbowhuh:)

Nyx Moon - Black Onyx is a gemstone. (I guess coat)

Gari Harlequin - Harlequin is a shade of green. (Her eyes)

Snowdrop Winter - Snow is white and cold. (Her mane)

Photo Finish - A finish line is most seen in white. (Her mane)

Octavia Melody - When a melody is on paper it's usually black. (Her mane)

Neon Lights - When a neon light is on the area behind it is black. Neon lights can come in blue. (His mane and his eyes)

Aztec K. Yearling - Aztec gold is a Crayola color. (Her eyes)

Starlight Glimmer - Starlight in the night sky is blue. (The highlights in her mane and her eyes)

Adagio Dazzle - Dazzle camouflage, also known as razzle dazzle or dazzle painting, was a family of ship camouflage used extensively in World War I and to a lesser extent in World War II and afterwards. Credited to artist Norman Wilkinson, though with a prior claim by the zoologist John Graham Kerr, it consisted of complex patterns of geometric shapes in contrasting colours, interrupting and intersecting each other. (her leggings)

Aria Blaze - Blaze is a different way to say on fire and fire is seen by some people as red. (Her gem necklace)

Sonata Dusk - Dusk is a time of day where the sky is a darker blue. (Her hair)

Cheetor Chase - The name Cheetor is taken from the word for Cheetah. Cheetahs are usually yellow with black spots. (His beast mode)

Wasp A. Napier - Napier is a type of old car which was driven by Selwyn Edge who won the 1902 Gordon Bennett Cup race for England in his green Napier. (His vehicle mode from Animated)

Botanica Binary - The name Botanica is take from the botanical which is about plants which are mostly green. (Some of her leaves from her plant mode as well as her colors in robot mode)

Night Scream - Night is seen as dark and cold the color that people see it as is black.

Orion Pax - Orion blue is a type of paint. (His helmet)

Prowl Leo - Leo is a different way to said lion which a color based on the fur of a lion. (His Beast Wars toy)

Mirage Ligier - Gray mirage is a paint color.

Sari Sumdac - A wedding sari is a red wedding dress in India. (Her hair)

Blake Arachnia - Blake is an Old English word meaning "black". (Some of her helmet from season 1 & 2 of Beast Wars as well as her hair in Beast Machines)

Silver Storm - Silver is a type a of metal and color.

Star Upper - A star in the night could be any color known to man.

Trans Mintate- The name Mintate is based on the word mint, mint is a green plant in nature. (Her green highlights)

Rat Trap - Gray tree rat. (Based on his beast mode)

Rhinox Tankor - Rhino in Japanese is sai and SAI is the name of a painting software. (His beast mode)

Air Razor - Air brown is a type of brown shoes. (Her beast mode's feathers)

Tiga Former - Tiga is a brand of slip-on shoes that are just in black or white. (His beast mode)

Auto Vector Prime - The most popular color for automobiles is white.

Space Warp - Space cadet is a shade of gray.

Sky Byte - Sky blue is a light shade of blue.

Cyan Kill - Cyan is a light shade of blue. (Cy-Kill has some white on him and his legs are blue)

Megan Tron - In the original Tron movie the costumes were all white. (Megatron's colors)

Exhaust Smoke - Smoke is a shade of gray.

Gavin Tron - Gavin Free from Achievement Hunter has a purple car in GTA V. (Galvatron's colors)

Acid Storm - Acid green is a shade of yellow and green.

Charlotte Scarlet - Scarlet is a shade of red and orange.

Laverne Peacock - Peacock blue is a dark blue-green color.

Whillemina White - White is a color.

Edgar Plum - Plums are a purple fruit.

Team TAFR - Tafer is the name of an European football/soccer player and people think football/soccer they think of the green football/soccer fields.

Team PRSS - Press is a different way to say news paper which are usually depicted as black and white.

Team ABSS - Abs are stomach muscles.

Team DDLS - Deals usually involve money which is green.

Team DSSS - Deez Nutz is a 5 part color palette.

Team FNGS - Fangs are usually depicted as white.

Team PONY - Ponies are part of Equine family, usually depicted with a white coat.

Team SAAS - Sass is take from Sasquatch Socks which is a shade of red by Crayola.

Team CWBN - The Cuban Flag is Red, White, and Blue, that sounds familiar.

Team OPMS - Optimus Color is a paint shop in Spain.

Team BSST - The 2 characters that go by the name Beast are different colors, Marvel's Beast is blue and Disney's Beast is brown.

Team RRAT - Rats come in so meany different colors.

Team ASSK - Ask or Ishq is Turkish for love which usually is associated with the color pink.

Team MEGA - Mega has no connection to colors. It just sounds cool.

Team CLWE - The word clue reminds me of the show Blue's Clues.

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