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New Dawn
Group Admin

Just so I can have a place to manage this:

Thread Rules:

1. Don't be mean. Don't come here just to say "Wow go do something and stop being lazy." Or something like that. We're all bored here. I know you too, person about to type that, gets bored too.

2. Don't spam. Self explanatory.

3. Label! I'm keeping this an all ages thing so if you're going to ask random questions about someone's love life or something label it [teen] or [Adult] or something like that.

4. Break any rules and you'll get a warning by me or someone else with similar authority over this group. You'll get two warnings then it's a 30 minute ban. Break the rules further and it'll be longer or permanent.

I can add more rules when needed.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 1
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