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A biological quandary even if one takes the presence of magic into account, Amorphous ponies are the mammalian equivalent of a slime mold, having no skeleton, muscles, or even true organs

Amorphous ponies can be divided into four distinct species: Slime Ponies, Goo Ponies, Tar Ponies, and Grime Ponies. All four possess limited shape-shifting abilities, though they are unable to change color. they are clammy to the touch, and often travel in pairs. They are larger than most ponies, and are mostly found in caves, mountains, and near rivers or streams, though Tar Ponies will often reside comfortably in more polluted areas than the other 3.

Slime Pony

Slime ponies are more solid than Goo ponies, having a consistency similar to jello. Slimes are more proper and a bit snooty than their Goo Pony cousins. The Slime and Goo ponies are normally docile and mostly stray away from conflict if all possible. However both don't seem to get along with one another.

Both species show their affection by offering a piece of themselves to their friends, family, and lovers. It is highly important upon receiving said piece you consume it. It's a sign of respect and if declined the S/G will take offense and be heart broken.

The slime bits and goo globs are high in nutrition and vitamins. It's believed one could live their entire life on the substance.

Goo Pony

Goo Ponies have less consistency than Slime Ponies, similar to a thick jelly. Goo Ponies are overly happy, cheery, and carefree compared to their Slime Pony Cousins.

Tar Pony

Tar Ponies are rare carnivorous amorphous ponies who can turn into a black tar-like substance to trap prey. they can form various pseudopods and fit through any opening. They are the most mischievous of the four types, but tend to have a macabre sense of humor. A fairly disturbing habit of the Tar Pony is crawling into bones and controlling skeletons like puppets.

Tar Ponies are fond of polka music.

Grime Pony

Grime Ponies have the worst reputation of the 4 types, and while they can be rude, sloppish, and bullying, this is mainly due to the fact that no one usually wants to gets close to them for any good reason. They're normally found in dirty areas, and can kill plant life if exposed to it for too long.

Grime Ponies love jokes

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