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It was not a problem. I shall be merely a watcher. to see how things shall go. Light, or darkness. Peace or chaos. I shall be at peace.

Black Ultron
Group Contributor

4029716 Then let us see if your wisdom is indeed just in your assumption dear Professor. Let us see indeed...

4029724 Judging by that face you seem interested nevertheless.

Professor Tacitus
Group Contributor

4029715 If not out of compassion, then the power we wield makes it our responsibility to help when we can. As Prometheus gave them the fire, I shall give them knowledge.

4029730 A noble endeavor you are on but alas, one that has no good end in sight. For I barely need to crane my neck to the left or right to see warmongers around us, can you give mortals the knowledge to protect themselves from an angry god's might? Or would that even be a good idea?

4029727 What you see is the product of my growed interests in drawing. My view on life and the world however are not.

Professor Tacitus
Group Contributor

4029741 I would be as a shield between my fellow deities and the mortals. If there was no choice, I would give them the knowledge needed to defend themselves against the wrath of gods. Perhaps they would use such knowledge to destroy the gods, or themselves. Or perhaps both. Whatever happens, they must survive. So long as a few remain, the capacity for great wisdom and knowledge is possible.

4029755 A drawer? Heh haven't met one of you yet... well may your drawings shine brighter than the sun.

Too bright. I rather have them shine like the luminous rays of the moon. But thank you none the less.

Well then.
Time and music.
Simply, because.

Lady Maria
Group Contributor

4029759 then proceed with your flawed plan Tactus for they shan't destroy me for I will end reality before they can do that!

Dunkle Dubs
Group Contributor

sometimes...I dream about cheese

Black Ultron
Group Contributor

Lol we really got into this:rainbowlaugh:

Should humanity continue to exist or not?
I suggest give one of their governments a false 'secret to omnipresent' and see what they do. If they kill all of each other in the process of becoming 'omnipresent', let them died. If they don't, they are destined for greater things.

And thus the conversation dies like a good things *le sigh*

4040902 Too bad it did.

It was a wonderful thing to read.

Group Contributor

Hi y'all.

Hello, moving my talking from the main front page what is turning into a conversation into here. SO hello all.


Well, getting ready for work.

Writing a little, and enjoying the snow fall.

Also I understood the German, so Danke.

I have to say this is the most interesting group I have seen.

4046071 It definitely is.... a group unlike which you have ever seen.

Group Admin

4046071 You should try the Harmonists group too, then. Same administration, different group.

The Harmonists do author support. Eris, myself, and most of the other admins also admin there.


Arthur support?

How so?

That sounds good.


Indeed, one that I shall see that I stay active on. This sounds fun

Group Admin

4046108 Author support. I like arthur as much as the next guy, but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the arthurs. (:trollestia:)

Author support as in we have a thread dedicated to asking for help on stories, practice threads where you can hone your skills, reviewers on call who are happy to look at your stuff, and we even have a contest going on that you're free to partake in.



Well this all sounds fun, however I am currently wrapped up in my first Fiction Novel, as well as a very long, long Fanfic on this site.

It is in the library awaiting review.

An Extended Holiday.

Group Admin

4046123 Oh, is that the five hundred K word one?

Couldn't it have been a one shot? :raritydespair:

I'll get around to it eventually, I promise. Or get one of the other admins to look it over...

Group Admin

4046123 Ah, twisted toffee coated testicles, it is the 570K one. You know how long it takes me to review those things when they aren't either incredibly good or incredibly bad? I have to review the whole thing!

That and I'm a bit jealous. I generally can't write more than 30K words without getting distracted.


You did ask that we post what we consider our best work.

So I did. Hence why I ask if I might get to submit two.

I have another one that is not as long. However their is a one story per author limit on this form.

And sorry. Like I said you wanted our best work, and it is the best work in my account. (Even though it is really a collaboration work of myself and three other authors.)

I do not know if I should be proud or scared at your comment about the story.

Group Admin

4046137 Proud or scared? Likely both. I'm a bit unstable.

Other people have posted more than one thing, so I don't see why you can't, either. Until it becomes a problem or something, you just go right ahead.

Is there a rule against that? Because I've reviewed two from the same author...

Do I have to go get my goddamn banhammer already?!

Fine. No banhammer. I've had a long day. Again.


Ah not a problem, my day is about to get busy again.

So I shall place my other story up. Since you said I could, I shall.

I would rather ask then assume. So thank you.

Just to let you know, this is only 150,000 words.

I am a prolific writer it appears.

Group Admin

4046151 My dad always said 'ask forgiveness, not permission'.

Then again, he always was a troublemaker. Thanks for being considerate, but you go right ahead. Obviously, I would prefer you submit stories you think are worth it, but I also appreciate that's subjective, so knock yourself out.


Well just to let you know, it is up.

Also it is 150,000 words and not finished.

I need to write another chapter to it. School, work and house work have eaten a bit of my time.

As I might have mentioned, I appear to be prolific with my word writing.

Group Admin

4046161 I noticed. *sigh*.

Anyway, I seem to have failed to introduce myself. I'm HazardPony, an engineering student who pretends to be a writer. I also have a knack for getting dragged into admin positions these days. Great fun. Plenty of stuff to organize. Many lols to be had and all that.

Anyway, I'd love to see you on the harmonists group too. The more people participate in stuff like the reviews, the games, and the contests, the more they gain traction, and the more I look good when it's a thread I've made. And they pretty much all are.

Speaking of, I do believe that at least one of those massive behemoths of stories was an adventure story. We currently have a spotlight thread showing off our member's adventure stories. Great place for self-promotion. It's not even shameless when I ask you to do it.

Oh, and nice meeting you too. The pleasure is mostly everybody's. I'm a giver.


Very cool.

May I have a link to this other group? I do not mind showcasing stories and etc. I would love to join this other group, just a pointer and I shall get to it. Might not be able to present much but I can be something quick, got work in half an hour.

Group Admin

4046184 Look at me, recruiting people like a real admin.

This here is the main page. Most of it is AMV's. Don't ask me why, I didn't make it. The constructive threads and things are stickied on the forum, including the spotlight thread, our reviewers, our help thread, our game thing, etc. All the things.

Have fun. Especially at work. Speaking of, I have to go calculate the normal moment on a transmission brake, so I may go incommunicado for several decades.

4046040 Eh, something from a bad Disney sitcom, I think .

4046282 Eh, just feels like that sometimes.

4049033 Doing anything interesting?

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