Dizzy Twister is Scootaloo's mother. 37 members · 47 stories
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This is a hyopthetical scenario, but if Dizzy Twister were to be given a prominent role in an episode, who do you think should voice her and why?

Keep in mind, she was voiced in two minor appearances. In "Lesson Zero", she was voiced by Cathy Wesluck (Spike, The Mayor, Coco, etc.) and in "Rainbow Falls" she was voiced by Ashliegh Ball (Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Lyra, Prim Headline, etc.).

Personally, I would pick Nicole Oliver (Princess Celestia, Cheerilee, Tree Hugger, etc.). This is both because in G3 Cheerilee was Scootaloo's sister, and since Nicole Oliver voices Cheerilee, that would make for a fun mythology gag. And because, I think Nicole's voice lends itself really well to motherly figures. She could make Dizzy Twister sound sweet and caring, but maybe slip into her Zoe Trent voice if she needed to make Dizzy Twister sound more wacky or embarassing.

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