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Heya! If your looking for an audience that will appreciate your work then I think I can help!

This group is about letting you find the right audience for you! So if you have an action story for example people who love action will flock to read it! We also try to help new writers get on the correct footing so if your a new writer we would love to hear what ideas you have to give this fandom and group!

There are just three main rules about this group:

1. Always try to read promoted stories as you may find a new favourite!

2. Never speak negatively about a promoted story without good reason as many story writers take along time to make these. This doesn't mean don't voice your opinion but at least try to be constructive with criticism i.e. if someone spelt fabulous fabylus then tell them but in the nicest way possible or to avoid saying positive-negative things in the comment section send them a friendly message pointing out the error.

3. This group is primarily for promoting and for commenting on new stories. Older stories are counted but I feel we are here to mostly help new writers get a fair chance in all the fog of competition. New blood could be 100 stories experience but anyone who wants a helping hoof has one here /) (but if you have an older story that you can't hold in share it but also help new writers try to become your favourite writers.)

Thank you for joining and I hope you enjoy reading these stories and maybe even find the best story you ever read!

Any problems please contact me or one of the admins of this group and we will try to assist you in any way we can. If your looking for help on writing check the writing guide under FAQ and if you want some experience that you can easily talk to ask anyone of the admins on in this group.

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