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With the release of the latest chapter, I was inquired by a comment to perhaps change the story's rating to mature with a gore tag. After contemplating this deeply and discussing it with my pre/proof-reader McStuffins, we decided that perhaps I had crossed the Teen rating line a while ago but no one ever called me out on it. With the release of the next chapter, the story will change its rating to mature with an added gore tag just to be sure. I am sorry if I disappoint anyone with this decision, but if you still decide to stick with the story, you will either have to enable viewing mature rated stories, or check this link:
What Heavens Have Divided
from time to time to see if there are any new updates, since it won't show on your update list unless you have the mature filter disabled.

Why now, you might ask? If anyone read the first blog I ever posted, you would know how I fought to preserve the Teen rating because I didn't really want it to be NSFW with needless cruelty etc like many other HiE mature stories with a Gore tag. I thought that maybe I could tread the line between Teen and Mature considering that teenagers these days are already jaded to violence / sex stuff and that my story wouldn't really be worse than anything they themselves could think of. I wrote this, after all. That was my subjective reasoning to keep it on Teen rating. There wasn't really a reason to not put on a gore tag even on Teen, though, considering the later chapters. That was just plain ignorance from me. Anyway, now you know and have been warned. Do as you will. :moustache:


  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 1
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