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So, we've seen HiE, right? Well, what about those ADORABLE (and quite oftentimes, OP as ALL fuck) little creatures that are furry and cute and a mixture of a human and an animal? Well, now you have a group for it.

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Not quite sure how to do it. I wanna do it. I'd just like some more concrete ideas before going at it.

390010 No luck, I guess?

No stories? I'm gonna have to fix that.

379673 That's fucking awesome. Thanks, man.

379636 Indeed.

You were competing against all other groups on Fimfiction, yet only a fraction of all groups would get listed.

You beat your competition with the freshness of your group, and earned your spot in the groups of new.

379553 Wait, seriously?! That's fantastic!!! And all I did was sit on my ass!!!

Congratulations! This group was featured in New Groups.

  • Viewing 1 - 7 of 7
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