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Bad Dragon
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New groups. So. Many. New groups. (from 2015.06.13 to 2015.06.20):
Tears of Gaia Audio Drama
Wonderful in White
The Group Dedicated To Sorcerer
The Group Dedicated To Sorcerer
SweetyBelleluvsu Fan Group
The Group Dedicated To The Group Dedicated To Doing Whatever We Want, Whenever We Want
2nd Person Clopfics
Changeling fans
Reboot or Eliminate the Voting System
The MLP FNAF Fans!
Major Lazer
scootaloo96 Fan Group
Monsters of Men
Agent Sweet Drops
Agent Sweet Drops
Agent Sweet Drops
Lyra and Bon Bon BFFs
Warhammer Fantasy
Five Nights at Adagio's
Heroes of Ponyfinder
Dislestia Foals
The GentleColt Police
Rhodesian Bronies
Stunning In Silver
Diamond Dogs
Shadowbolts Of Crystal Prep
Knights of Riviera
Aria Support
The Anti-Shippers Alliance
Victorious Antagonists
Those Meddling Kids
Reitanna Seishin Fan (nsfw)
Derps Of Equestria
Twilight Sparkle X Sparkler/Amethyst Star
Official Windchan Moderation Group
Help With Your Story
Equestrian Grenadiers
Riders of the Wild Hunt
Movie Reviewers United
Equestria Girls Romance
Sugar Pie (Sugar Belle x Pinkie Pie) (nsfw)
Sugar Pie (Sugar Belle x Pinkie Pie)
Eternal Crusade
Bimbofication, Bimbos, and Sluts (nsfw)
Sparkler Needs Da Love
The First and Only Church of Lesbian Adagio Dazzle
Fluttershy's fans
~WonderBolts Academy~
The Missoulian Brony League
Cranky's Wedding Changeling
AppleCord Shippers Unite!
Cutie Mark Crusaders are Awesome
Princess Platinum
Secret Agent Sweetie Drops/Bon Bon
DissLock shipping
Beautiful in Blue
Scootareader's house of houses
The history - Interviewing booth
Choose Your Own Equestria Adventure (CYOEA)

4481743 I made two? :rainbowhuh:

Well...that's what happens when you click twice...I guess...

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 2
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