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The name says it all. :-D Just a thread for sharing possible future episode ideas.

Here's a possible future episode idea (I won't be doing it myself; I don't have the time and energy for that, but anybody who likes the idea enough to do it and DOES have the time and energy to do it most certainly can):

Sometime shortly after the defeat of Nightmare Moon, Trixie decides to more or less settle in Ponyville, but realizes her old trailer doesn't provide much room for her new friends, so she tries to find a new home that fits her personality, but is large enough for a good-sized number of visitors when she wants them and still have some privacy when she wants THAT too. To that end, she tries to raise enough money to purchase and restore the old Ponyville theater.

I figure it would make for a nice "Slice of Life" piece if anybody wants to do it.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 2
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