This group is dedicated to those within the Republican Party who are fed up with the Tea Party and social conservatives hijacking the nation. We stand for economic idealism within the free market as well as a reasonable safety net and are tired of the rhetoric that conservatives are saying about other groups and are trying to impose on the party and nation. A Rockefeller Republican is basically a moderate Republican, but is most common in the Northeastern United States (think Christ Christie and Nelson Rockefeller.) Debate is welcomed and encouraged.

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We could use a man like Jacob Javits again!

I side with the republicans on most economic issues, but lean much more liberal on social issues.

377511 many times, the Republicans have stood for something good, but certain members cause trouble.

I likes me some Theodore Roosevelt, myself.:twilightsmile:

I'm more of an Abe Lincoln Republican.

You know, I love the relevancy here

I have no idea what I'm doing here. :pinkiecrazy:

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