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Overview, It's October 21, 2019, in exactly Midnight a giant flash of light covered the United States into a island in a unkown world

Name: The United States of America

Population: (including US Virgin Island and Puerto Rico) Roughly 333 million (2019)

President: Donald Trump

Military personnel: 1.374 million plus 845,000 reserves
Status: An Island with Alaska, Hawai'i, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Island in the same position as before

Temperature: Places like Alaska and Northern America falls into the negatives, Hawai'i and California will experience temperatures to the 50s and 40s, places like Southern America like Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico experiences temperatures to the 40 & 30 degrees.

Languages: English, Spanish, and various others

How people react: Won't really riot but panics happen
When they notice we're a island: approximately a week
Economy: Most likely crash immediately

How they Meet: no idea, probably by war (it's Trump, what do you expect?)

I have no intentions of making this a fanfic, feel free to make this into a fanfic

America in the mlp world, Donald Trump is president, and it's colder (unless you go by Celsius, then they're straight up inhabitable)
*numerous angry key tapping by multiple people intensifies*

Fr though, there is already a fic like this sort of, only Trump isn't president, and it's been discontinued I do believe. Maybe I can find it:

Comment posted by Jayan1999 deleted Oct 21st, 2019

Thanks! I read it, I'm wondering how it'll work out realistically, and I mean Fahrenheit , sorry for the confusion

And I know there's a couple others out there with similar concepts, but the ones I've found haven't been continued in years unfortunately.

Oh, I see, If that were to happen, I would say Trump in this universe is not President and have someone else like Bernie Sanders as President, AND this could happen in the early 2020s!

You know the places noone seems to cover in CIE stories is Middle East, Aussies, Asia(Barring maybe Japan) or Africa) Makes me wonder how a Commonwealth would react now that they have no Head of State anymore above the PM. I tried once to do a Texas CIE, buti sorta ran out of inspiration

Comment posted by Jayan1999 deleted Oct 22nd, 2019

I honestly would love to see Canada, Both Koreas, Ireland, or Germany

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