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The Dazzlings are an amazing band from the movie, Rainbow Rocks.

There's Adagio Dazzle, the lead singer.

And there's Aria Blaze, the grump of the group.

And last but not least there's Sonata Dusk. *cough* best pony *cough*

Let's get this hype train on the road!!

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ME GOOD here to still the show

Well what do we have here?
A whole group dedicated to us.
Just fantastic.

I have a idea for a story, but I honestly need help. I'm a poor writer plus I also just want to make sure that my story idea hasn't been done before. Please someone message me if your interested in helping.

Aria is my favorite. I like her personality....kind of like mine.

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wow is that the best you could do so sad

Do you accept mature/clop stories?

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Aria is the best siren, why every loves The WORST! ( joking, i like Sonata a lot.)

I wonder... Did anyone ever think about something. you pose an interesting idea... the sirens, as you put it, sound similar to something...

"Pegasi are Brutes!"

"Unicorns are snobs!"

"Earth Ponies are Numskulls!"

Can't put my finger on it. Oh, right. As I basically said, The Dazzlings share very similar characteristics to the above statements from Hearts Warming Eve.

Adagio is a brute, Aria is a snob, and Sonata's a numskull, sad to say. And they happen to say this in the presence of beings that look awfully similar to some evil sirens we know.

Am I grinding any gears here? the Dazzlings are the founders. There's too much for me to not say it isn't true.

This may not be the place for my argument, but I didn't want to look through 10,000 different groups to find the right one.

401978 Yes, I know. I would totally let her brainwash me.

398309 Agadio is supposed to be sexually appealing, she's a siren. She's always moving her body around in seductive poses and touching people in the cafeteria. Even as a female, I can see the appeal. Just don't let her brainwash you.

Unlike previous MLP villains, the sirens have a dynamic. A hilarious one at that, with lots of potential to be heartwarming/breaking. >u< That's what fanfics are for! Though I'd like to hear some of your guys' headcanons about just how the Dazzlings are related to each other.

Traditional siren mythology points to Aria and Sonata being Adagio's daughters.

Rainbow Rocks seems to paint them as sisters.

I say that Adagio and Aria were part of the same "siren clan" (there was a whole civilization of them), and then they adopted Sonata after she was abandoned.


I think I'm in Haven!

Adagio is best character ever! ★AND MY WAIFU★

398355 Yes. I totally get what you're saying, and I agree with you. :raritywink:

398347 Oh, :derpytongue2:, sorry brah, but you get what I'm sayin' though right? Anyway, I like both Sonata and Adagio; Sonata's my favorite for her all-around adorableness, but Adagio's also my favorite cause' of her attitude, her cunning and seductive personality, surprisingly her hair; I don't know what it is, I guess I have a thing for girls with lots of hair:twilightsheepish:, her voice, and her all-around drop-dead gorgeous body; pretty much everything about her just screams sexy

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