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This is a group dedicated to instruction on best practices for writing creepy stories. Because this is fimfiction, it will be more FIM oriented, but general creepy info is also good.

A few quick rules:

*First a reminder of the rules that apply to all groups*

1 Groups dedicated to attacking specific stories and authors will not be tolerated
2 NSFW content (artwork) should not be posted in groups
3 Content posted in groups most obey all general rules of Fimfiction

Now for group specific rules:

1) Please only post relevant creepy stories in the stories feed. Anything creepypasta or MLP horror related is okay, but why don't spam your story here if it's not creepy.

2) You are free to make any thread you please, but special attention will be paid to creepy-related stuff and super extra special attention will be paid to creepy-writing how-tos, since that's the whole point of the group. A really well-written how-to has a greater chance of being made a sticky. If you need to make an off-topic thread, that's fine, I simply ask that you put "OFF TOPIC" in parenthesis of the thread topic itself so people who are here for info will be able to find it faster and not click your thread thinking something relevant will be there.

3) No trolling or being abusive in general. Don't be a dick. Play nice, et cetera, et cetera.

4) Sometimes forums have personality conflicts where neither person is purposely trolling but they might as well be because things get so ugly. If I find that the same couple of people tend to be in such destructive arguments, I will not hesitate to kick out people who don't play nice. Nothing personal, but kicking people out is a much easier solution to these kinds of problems than to sit down and play psychologist or referee. Ultimately , this group and the forums will be here for a reason, so yeah.

5) If you want feedback on how creepy your story is and how you can improve it, click here. It is our help folder. Put your story in it, and people can look in on the folder and give you advice on making your story creepier.

Now have fun you crazy kids!

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Wow. 13 members and 13 stories. Creepy coincidence! Woooooo.

Thanks for joining! We're just getting this ball rolling. I'm hoping to put a ton of effort into making this a "worth following" kind of group.

>writing HIE horror fic
>find horror group, joins it despite being a member of three horror groups
>green texting on pony fan fiction site.

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