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Message me if you need an editor to the story and I'll make a folder for your story! That way, any editor can review it and give you advice!

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Comment posted by Princess Estrella deleted Mar 13th, 2018

By the way I am not dead, just busy. I'll have the review up for chapter 3 by the end of Sunday night.

I'll be doing my review of Chapter 2 sometime in the next few days. I'm too tired to post it right now because I just finished Chapter 2 of my own story :derpyderp2: (shameless plug :scootangel:).

369188 It's under the forum tab just to the right of the group name.

I created a forum for the editors. While nopony has to use it, I think it will be an excellent way to keep everything organized.

:twilightsmile:Oh can i edit please. I consider myself a good writer and I really want to help with this great book

I am an editor and writer and I would really like to help on the hour of twil

What i can do for this group? ^^

Is... is this a serious group? :unsuresweetie:

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