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Alright, so a quick update on the project. In case you’re curious:

Yes, I’ve seen “Good Vibes”.

Yes, I liked it.

Yes, this project is still going regardless.

During my project’s intro, it may have come across that the whole reason for doing this is because we had no Flash Sentry this year. While that was certainly an impetus for me from the start, it’s not the only reason to do this. This guy has been around since the beginning and it yet feels like they need to do something significant (enough) with him. Speaking from experience, I’ve rested on my laurels on Flash’s status before. I let my guard down at a time where it felt like his path upwards was a straight line, yet for the last couple of years, there have been plenty of unexpected deviations and sidetracks, some which may change a lot about what we can expect from him. Regardless of what that is, I think it’s important for us to come together to celebrate Flash and show the people behind bringing him to life how much he means to us. What I saw in “Good Vibes” was definitely and improvement, but that’s no reason to leave things at that. There can always be more done with him, and that’s what we need to show that we want.

I may update this project again in the future, so for all notifications, follow me here on Fimfication or at arthurcrane.deviantart.com

Thank you.

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