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"Surely a place to share your mental malfunctions" - Pedro Hander

"Celestia save his soul" - Worried Member

Hello my dear... 'Friends' MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Welcome to the Psychopaths Network, we hope your stay here be as comfortable as possible. Even though we can't guarantee you're gonna leave unharmed/alive.

Located near Oasis Insanity, we have a beautiful view of the desert and its inhabitants:

Please, make sure to avoid the east corridor, someone witnessed a tentacle monster there. (High rape probability)

Make sure to leave your works in the One Folder to Rule Them All. Corpses are not allowed.

Cupcakes for everyone, there's a surprise inside...

- PedroHander

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404985 Well, maybe I could help translate these thoughts, and make them a reality! (in fiction of course)

Mr. Nightmare: I hope that all of you are having a wonderful time and that the nightmares will always welcome you
Chaos: And that chaos will always remember your wonderful minds
Nil Jun: And that the void will never let your ideas be forgotten

Oh... If i only knew how to write properly i could make a glorious work of insanity!....

Finally, a place to store and release my full insanity!

385597 But the burn of hot sauce is so good.


I don't like any of those, how about ketchup, or should I say, blood? :pinkiecrazy:

385497 With hot sauce and chocolate?

Omnomnom livers :3


Good. Make sure to spread them well on walls and floors! :pinkiecrazy:



Play more with fire, and organs. :pinkiecrazy:

I play with swords and knifes:pinkiecrazy:

AM I A MAD MAN?!?!?:pinkiecrazy:

381164 OH I see how it is. It... Is... On.
These kind resident psychopaths shouldn't hear of this squabble of ours. PM me. Be there or be raped.

376386 almost not insane enough,

How about watching nine eleven while listening to children screaming and laughing all the while,

Also butchering small animals, almost forgot that one

374162 so remember when you said you were gonna make a villain for the kings of horror when are u gonna do it?

Is having psychopathic tendencies, voices in the head, a love for bludgeons and fun chains, and one of the only ways to calm down is by watching a customized playlist of nuclear explosions while listening to classical music considered enough to be a part of this gathering of the insane? :twilightsheepish:

  • Viewing 99 - 118 of 118
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