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>> Reganthestrange When you write a story and you have some pre-readers, editors and proofreaders coming and going. How do you go about giving references.
Who gets a reference? How long does one have to help you out in order for you to become obligated to reference him? What if you helped him out in return, does that annihilate the need for any reference giving?
Where should one give reference (in first comment of a story, long description, authors notes, blog)?
Okay, so here's my problem. I don't want to spam readers with a wall of names in the description, but at the same time, I don't want to hurt anypony.

This was the little question given, so this shall be a forum explaining about how to include editors and pre readers in you story.

If you have an editor that has helped you the whole way through the story, I would say include him/her at the bottom of the description of the story. Just say something like "edited by (name)" or "a callout of thanks to (name) for editing"
You can do the same for pre readers but people seem to generally not include them. But if you want to then you can include them In the description.

If you have a few editors then I would mention whoever edited each chapter in the authors notes at the start or end of each chapter.

If they edited a story for you, and in return you edited a story for them, then you can decide together if you want to mention each other or not.

As for proofreaders, they don't really have to be mentioned. But if you want to then just put them at the bottom of the description.

Hope this answered your question. :twilightsmile:

Think I left something out? PM me.

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