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So you have just joined? And there are over 6000 members on this site. So how do you get noticed?

There are a few ways you can get noticed.

You could write a really good fanfiction. If it is outstandingly good the fans should come to you. But if it has been out for a while and you aren't getting many views then very simply go to some groups that fit the genre of your group. Example clop, fighting,dark,romance etc.
Add it in some of the files and hopefully you will get views. Also enter it into some story competitions on groups and if you win you'll get lots of views. Or go on over to the site Equestria Daily and submit your story.

Fimfiction may be a site for stories, but it isn't all about that. You could also get noticed by commenting on lots of forums and peoples pages, make loads of friends and just be an enjoyable person that people want to talk to.

Another way to get kind if noticed, although this may not work as well as the other tips, is to follow a lot of people then they might all follow you back.But this tip is more about how to get followers.

You could also do story reviews,story editing, art commissions story commissions.
What are all they?
A story review should be quite obvious, you should review people's stories and tell them what's good and how to improve.
Story editing is some people aren't that great at spelling and want someone to check over their story and see if there's any mistakes. You can find some groups where people ask for editors.
Art commissions, a lot of people want a cover for their story or for their avatar. But they can't draw, so draw it for them! You can do it for free or charge them.
Story commissions, Some people join this site just to read stories and meet people. They could have a really good idea and they want it to be turned into a story. So then you can write it for them!

Think I left something out? PM me

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