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The Kingdom of Hiercaos

The Kingdom of Hiercaos.

We are the hammer and the anvil. We are strong in unity and powerful in cooperation.

The kingdom gathers the strong and the weak around it, and it makes them grow.

To oppose the king is to oppose his people.

As the mountain before the passage of time, our kingdom prevails.

Groups under the absolute control of the Kingdom of Hiercaos

For Chaos Undivided!

Alternate Universe Roleplaying Group

Temple of the Divines

Story Raiders

The Iron Galley

Dream Reviewers

Shrine of the Heavensent

The Silent Group

The Group Knighty Will Be Appeased By So He Will Not Ban Us All!

Applejack Sucks

Candyland Alternate Universe

The Group that is Against The Group that X People Will Find Type of Groups

Fluffy Pony Enthusiasts

Allow Anonymous Comments

Human in Equestria Administrators

Random Group

Male on Futa on Female

Groups under partial control of the Kingdom of Hiercaos

Human in Equestria

Button Mash

Gun Club

Battlefield Equestria

It's For Science!

League of Humans Acting Sexy

Terran Federation Mobile Infantry

Weston College Annex

I am Sexually Attracted Towards the User and Admin Iron Galley

Groups under shared control with the Kingdom of Hiercaos

Button's Mom

Unusual Humans in Equestria

Roleplaying Ark

Irongalley's Battalion

Equestrian Wartime

League of Humans Acting Edgily

The Shrine of Eh

Allies of the Kingdom of Hiercaos:
Enemies of the Kingdom of Hiercaos:

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Suddenly, a wild memer appears.
Memer: No thanks.

393760 It's my kingdom, Techpriest! Here we venerate a dead girl we tortured to death and her billions of mutated minions whom we trick into believing she's still alive! We also destroy other worlds to spread our taint! Be welcome!


358036 You fookin wankah, de fook you do that fer? I'll rip yer arse a new crack, you stinkin' cunt!

(I'm learning Brit :raritywink:)

Better stick Battlefield: Equestria in here too.

Oh, wait, we're part of the Domain now, apparently. :twilightoops:

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