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I should probably explain this admittingly questionable concept.
TITLE: The Thomas & Sagwa Show
PLOT: Hidden within the countryside on Thomas' branch line is a taped up warm zone that has the power to pull the entire Island of Sodor into it and fuse it with another world different from it. However after a typical branch line job, Thomas (voiced by John Bellis)' driver accidently trips and ends up opening the portal which ends up sucking in the entire Island of Sodor (just go with it). Meanwhile on Qing Dynasty of China we see Sagwa Miao going about her usual play time as she starts to notice China is looking more 1945 then 1860's-1910's At first she shrugs it off and gets on with her fun. However after a near drop at the pond, the two title heroes finally meet, along with the remaining eight heroes. Edward (voiced by Ringo Starr), Sheegwa (voiced by Jesse Vinet), Percy (voiced by Rob Rackstraw), Dongwa Miao (voiced by Michaela Dietz), Duck (voiced by Clancy Brown), Fu Fu (voiced by Rick Jones), Emily (voiced by Tress MacNellie) and Shei-Hu (voiced by BJ Ward). However they find out two things. 1) There isn't a spell to undo the fusing of the the Island of Sodor and China, and 2). Diesel 10 is in town and he's now in cahoots with the Cat Burglar and they try to destroy the newly Island of China. So, Thomas and Sagwa must save the day.
What does it sound?

I can't see Duck being voiced by Clancy Brown.

His voice for Duck would be a mid Western voice.

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