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Hello friends,
I've this question on my mind for a while and I thought I'd share it with you all.
I bet by now we've seen how Mattel reboot Thomas into a ridiculous fashion that is nothing like we've seen before.

But, in your honest answer, if you were to rewrite and fix this, how and what would you do for in lines of it.

the first tv show i grow on it

Carl the near dead
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Simple. let it die.

it is clear that while Mattel is running things, the vision that they have for what Thomas the tank engine is just isn't really what Thomas the tank engine should be and was. As children's entertainment Thomas the tank engine was always the following (when it was good, anyway)

It was always somewhat believable. Sure the trains talked, but the situations that they would get into were usually ones that you could see happening. no trains up on one rail around the corners, no bouncing on their axles, no fantasy scenes. Apart from the premise, the show was grounded. and it shows when you look at the map of Sodor, it looks like it could be a real island, everything is explained and has a purpose, and it has a history going back to ancient Rome. This goes a long way to making everything feel real, and that was one of the main features of the show.

Another major one would have to be the island of Sodor itself. When reading the books, looking at the illustrations, watching the original live action series, and the show between 'The Adventure Begins' and the end of series 21, you generally thought that Sodor was a nice place that you would like to visit. There was a lot of beauty to be found in the vistas. now though, major portions of the show take place somewhere else, somewhere poorly and quickly rendered and not particularly good looking, not the island of Sodor.

And finally apart from the specials which always play like movies, the series should have a narrator. Originally these were stories to be read to children, and in the series before 'Big World Big Adventures' it was always a story being read. That was a nice touch, and I think something that was lost.

So how to fix it? Pretty simple. stop buying Thomas shit. Stop watching the show. Don't show it to your kids, or at least not the new stuff. Cut them off. Make it unprofitable. Make Mattel sell it. Every single change for the worse was a directive from Mattel, which just doesn't understand the appeal of the IP and only wants money. Make Thomas lose money. then, have someone who actually cares about it run the show. sure, some things can change, you can always add new characters, and these characters could come from all over the world if you want to expand your footprint, but the show needs to feel like Thomas.

Well, I myself quit watching when the reboot happened, so I started taking action

7238589 Honestly, it might just be better to let Thomas go. If this is the only way Thomas can still be relevant to children, then perhaps it's time to stop and focus on other things.

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