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I only just learned about it 15 minutes ago.

All a bit sudden.

Season 3 is my favourite. So hearing Michael's voice on Henry's Forest and Thomas, Percy and the Post Train is going to be a little bittersweet now. While I prefer Ringo, I did like how he gave the character more distinct voices, James and the Fat Controller, especially.

Eleven years he narrated the show. The highs, like Season 3, and the lows of "His firebox was on fire," are now amongst his legacy.

Goodbye, Mr Angelis.

7231158 Angelis was never as strong a narrator as Starr or Carlin, but particularly in Season 6 when Baldwin was phoning it in and during the years of Brandon's constant shouting in the U.S. he looked downright superb by comparison. He will be missed.

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