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That title may confuse some, I am not ranting, YOU are.
I think it goes without saying that Thomas and Percy's Mountain Adventure is a shit rewrite of a great Christmas episode. So, in honor of this Thursday's holiday, I would like to hear everyone's least favorite parts of the episode.

Here it is:

Rant Away...

The editing is definitely noticeable. And it's even more obvious on the double soundtrack version heard in the original home media release of it, where you can clearly hear the UK soundtrack with the Christmas narration in parts where the US had to cut audio and music to make a Thanksgiving episode. Apparently, it was done because the episode originally premiered in the US on Shining Time Station close to Thanksgiving, so they had to make it a Thanksgiving episode.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

As someone who grew up watching the UK version I have to say I prefer many of Michael Angelis's voices.

One a side note, I have nothing against George Carlin, great comedian, but this video done here demonstrates why I think Ringo Starr was the better narrator.

I wonder what the Reverend Awdry would have thought if he heard about this?

And I agree with SuperPinkBrony12, why didn't they cut the audio track to fit the visual, they cut out the Father Christmas discuss, but they didn't cut out the music or sound effects, so its out of sync here.

6666908 It might be because I grew up with George Carlin's narrations, but I think he and Ringo Starr were the best narrators. Michael Angelis was fine but after a couple of seasons he started to sound tired. And Alec Baldwin was great in Season 5, but in Season 6 he seemed to give up on trying (probably because of "The Magic Railroad").

Angelis I think started to tire with HiT took full control.

I don't know about Alec Baldwin, his voice for Henry made him sound constipated.

Or because of his divorce with Kim Basinger

6668945 That might be it too. By all accounts, Baldwin's quit came unexpectedly which is why "New Friends for Thomas" just used Michael Angelis and had him re-narrate a few lines. I kind of wish they'd just kept it like that and had him narrate for U.K. and U.S. like Ringo Starr before, Michael Brandon was a bad narrator.

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