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I picture in a lighter tone,The story starts out by the NWR celebrating the railways 100 years.A bunch of stuff can happen like the fat controller retiring,Thomas finds out his brothers are gone and is needed to be bought by the NRM for preservation.So the railway holds a goodbye party for Thomas.Everyone tells stories about past events that happened and then with a final goodbye Thomas leaves on lorry to York.On the way Thomas closes his eyes and remembers all of his past adventures with is friend while the island song plays.Finally Thomas opens his eyes and he is in the museum talking to a young boy who happens to be the fat controllers great grandchildren. Thomas tells them that's was his story .

On a darker note.( this is a joke and not to be taken as an actual theory)The railway is bought out and the engines are to be torched.While waiting for death to come their way each engine resells a story from the past and after the story ends the engine is sent for scrap.While being sent for scrap you can hear the instrumental theme of each engine.At last it's Thomas's turn as he is about to be cut up memories from the past go through his head with the island song in the background.It ends with the engines having a Christmas party and then it fads to black.

5539955 I honestly see Diesel or Diesel 10 forcing Thomas into the Smelter's Furnace, letting him get a last glimpse of all of his friends as they are scrapped and the diesels take over :rainbowderp:

5539991 I could see diesel 10 doing that but not really diesel.but that idea sounds like a good way to end it.

However, there is a major flaw in that theory

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5540005 what is I would like to know so I can better it.

5540018 If the North Western Railway is bought out, then what engines would work the branch lines? Also, the North Western Railway itself is a private railway company owned by the Hatt Family, therefore there will always be a Fat Controller.

And Diesel/Diesel 10 melting down the steam engines is the same problem the Creative collective faces-if the Steam Engines are scrapped, then Diesel 10 and Diesel, along with many of the other first generation diesels will be melted down as well.

Also, if the railway is bought out, then BR or it's many privatised companies may find themselves in a sinking ship as they would no longer have the appeal that the Steam Hauled trains of the NWR would have. The only set of stock who would have any appeal would be Pip and Emma the High Speed Train. Also, imagine the cost of modernizing everything, with overhead lines, AWS ramps, and every modern safety gadget there is.

Plus, railway Museums would be buying up all the engines as they are either unique or the only one left.

Your theory doesn't take into account the many millions that would be thrown needlessly around just to bring it up to standard or even what made Sodor appealing.

Watch this.

5540060 oh. Ive seen that video before (it's one of my favorites).the second ending I wrote was just me being dark. I put no effort into it what so ever it was made just to be jokingly dark.

5540069 But you see, your throwing away what makes Sodor Popular. It'd be like sending Celestia and Luna to the chopping block because they're too old.

5540074 oh yes of course The NWR is a haven where all steam engines can be operated an so on and so forth.It Was just something written to get people thinking that life doesn't always end well even for the happy land of Thomas .Anyway what did you think about the first theory I had.

5540091 Like I said, it's got flaws, but not that bad.

5540004 I said Diesel as well because I think it's Diesel who really pulls the strings at the Scrap Yard/Diesel Works. I think the diesels only follow 10 because they fear him for these reasons.

A: He's menacing and threatening
B: He has a giant crushing claw that could pull apart anything or kill anyone
C: He's big, brutal, and scary
D: He and Thomas are forever rivals since TATMR

Then again this is just my personal theory :twilightsmile:

In my opinion a good ending would be like a roller coaster ride

5543600 no I mean like an emotional roller coaster

5550704 lol so basically my idea is the fat controller had to give the NWR Britain and each engine would go to a different preservation railway, but due to sizes of the railways they would see each other at random moments until one of Sir Topham Hatt's Family members raises enough money to buy the engines back.

5550733 well if needed the logging locos would be scrapped but come on they deserve is

5550743 lol and I also had ideas for musix wanna hear them

In the intro it would be a panning shot of the main twelve engines with the original theme playing

Then each engine would get a short intro and there theme would play in the background
Sound good so far?

5550765 yes it does ready for the next bit?

When tthe railway is sold and the engines start to leave a montage of them leaving would play with saying goodbye from the muppets take Manhattan would play in the background

5550797 thays a better idea anyway the next music would be after the engines meeting and getting to know the engines on the preservation railways they would all have or at least some of them would get an "The Adventure Begins" treatment and have a song about them play over a montage of them working

5550820 yea then the next song would be an altered version of searching everywhere as the fat conttrollers son looks for each engine

5550839 then they hold a huge party where the engines sing about themselves by sing your version of the engine roll call and the last song would be during the ending credits and a melody where various songs from the series are played over clips from all eras of the show including models

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