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Just for fun.
I was listening again to the tragedy of Darth Plagueis, and I came up with some sort of jedi/sith/gray jedi/chaos sith creeds for a project of mine (an art project ).

I'm gonna post them here, so anyone can say what he/she thinks of them.


Light will vanquish Darkness;
From Harmony, we will create Peace;
From Peace, Brotherhood will come;
From Brotherhood, will come Unity;
Together, under the Stars, we will take Order.


Light is just a mirage, there is only Darkness;
When there's Fear, there can be no Harmony;
There can be no Peace, when there is Conflict;
Brotherhood falls, under Lies;
Unity die, with Divergence;
From Darkness, with fierceness, we will annihilate our enemies .

Gray Jedi

Light and Darkness are the Harmony of the cosmos;
From Conflict, Peace will come;
With Lies, Brotherhood may be made;
In Divergence, Unity will create;
No Light will vanquish any Darkness.
No Darkness will annihilate any Light.
Everything will mutate, and the Cycle will continue.

Chaos Sith (Ancient Sith)

There are no Light or Darkness;
Harmony is only a Lie;
Peace is a silent Conflict;
Brotherhood is a single Divergence;
Unity is a single Fear;
Nothing is real, only Chaos.

Here. Just something for fun.
Hope you like this ones.

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